Monday, September 21, 2015

Coman woo yay? ;)

Coman woo yay is "How are you" in Creole:)  I'm learning lots up here;)  Well there's a lot that's happened so be prepared for a bit of a haul:)  I'm starting off with the struggles and ending with the good stuff:)

First off, I found out Monday afternoon after finishing emailing, that my mission president has asked us not to chat back and forth.  I really struggled with this for a couple of days...knowing me and my O.D.D. side.  It was extremely frustrating because being able to talk back and forth with my family and friends has been a great blessing to me while I've been away.  But apparently some missionaries struggled with leaving "home at home".  So he made it a mission-wide rule.  I prayed and thought a lot and even had a personal conversation with him about it.  This is probably the rule that's been the hardest to follow, cuz I just love sharing everything with everyone and talking back and forth.  But I've decided that, even though it's a big challenge for me not to be able to talk back and forth with the loved ones, that I still need to follow the mission rules with exact obedience.  So I can respond to all of you're emails, and read the ones you send in response, but I can't respond until next week.  So Mama if you could shoot a text out to all the peeps, that'd be great:)  
This week has been a huge struggle.  Satan's power is very real and his tools are very subtle.  This week has been a struggle to keep negative self-thoughts out of my mind and realize where they come from.  It has been really interesting, I've caught myself beating myself up over things that happened a long time ago, and allowing myself to let them lessen my worth as a missionary and degrade my confidence in my abilities.  Satan's power to lower our self-esteem is one of his most powerful tools in beating us down, and if we allow him to do so, it makes getting to us in other ways a lot easier.  I've really used Christ and His Atonement and my relationship with Him this week to strengthen me, and I can testify that He has indeed lifted me up.  "Come unto me, all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light".  I testify that this scripture speaks truth.  I have felt Him take my burdens this week and heal my heart in new ways that have brought me a new sense of peace and comfort.  I feel your prayers each day, and it seems at times while I'm on my knees as if there are 10 or 15 other spirits surrounding me, giving me strength.  I have felt on multiple occasion's the feeling of being completely enveloped with love, and many times have wondered if my ancestors had been there with me as I prayed.  It is such a special feeling, and one that i know will continue to occur as I strive to follow Christ and be the disciple He wants me to be.

Now for the good stuff:):)  
I had my first baptism this week!!  Kris is 13, and such a strong young man.  The spirit was so unbelievably strong it was so touching.  I received a special witness of the spirit that this is my purpose, and this is why I am here.  It was touching to see how excited he was to follow Christ, and the joy that it brought him as he shared his personal testimony with us.  I know that this is where I'm supposed to be, right at the right time, and the right place.  This week we also met with Sister Elda "Big Mama" Louie.  She's an older Haitian woman, just the sweetest lady every:)  She has a thick accent and calls me "Elda Bebe":)  She's my favorite so far, but don't tell anyone;)  She taught me some Creole, and we're going to play ball with her 6'4 tall Haitian son as well this week.  Should be pretty fun.  She's one of those ladies who just loves the missionaries.  She's a convert to the church about 10 years ago, and is just wayyy solid.  Needless to say, we're pretty tight:)  It's been such a blessing being in the St. David's area!  We seriously have dinner appointments like every night, it's the best!  I've also learned some other languages as well, but Creole is my favorite.  I also bought a how to speak french book cuz seriously everything here is in french and I wanna know what it says:)  
Yaha bebe-"how are you" informally in Arabic
Salam Alekum-formal "how are you" in Arabic
It's been a good week overall, I feel so blessed to be serving.  It's crazy I've already been away for around a month now.  It feels like 2 days.  I'm just still glad I still have 23 more:)  Anyway,
That's all for this week!
I love you all!
Zone Conference:)

Young Mens activities...๐Ÿ˜ถ

Logan's hispanic twin Alejandro๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Perfect Description of my comp

Just cuz bored

Sketchiest Fried Chicken I've ever eaten...cooked by a big black funny guy named Charles:)

Playing with Charles power ranger toys๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Good quote I saw:)


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