Monday, September 28, 2015

First Month :)

Well this week has been an adventure, there's been plenty of interesting things happen.  This week I spent 2 of the 7 days locked in the apartment cuz my companion got strep we had to quarantine ourselves...needless to say a part of my soul is still laying on that was a LONG 2 days...
Blessings and miracles continue to happen here in the CTM!  We've met some really prepared people, and are working with them intensively to prepare them for baptism!  It is such a blessing to be able to be a disciple of Christ, and testify of His Love for everyone.  I have definitely felt Christ in my life this week, as I've prayed for strength and the ability to labor diligently.  I have a knowledge that the power of prayer is real.  Never ever stop praying.  We taught a man named Pete this week, who has two 20 year old sons.  The last set of elders tracted into him, and it has been amazing to see how prepared he has been.  He had just kind of come to realize that God had been absent in his life for far too long, and that it wasn't God's fault, but his.  His faith is so strong, and through his prayers and reading the Book of Mormon he's seen miracles in his life.  He desires so much to share this message with his sons, because he recognizes that his life was lacking for so long because he ignored his spiritual needs.  It will be interesting to see how he progresses.  We set him with a baptismal date, and he is super excited!

We've also been working with a Less Accountable(Special Needs of sorts) women named Kimberly.  We've considered dropping her so many times because there are days when she really struggles to grasp it.  On the day we went to meet with her and drop her, she bore such a sweet testimony of how this message has blessed her life, and the power of prayer.  We realized this was a sign from God that He had other plans for Kimberly.  We have been working with her very intensively to prepare her for baptism.  She is grasping the concepts very well, and her testimony is so strong!  There are times when her answers to questions astound us, and are so deep and inspirational that there is no doubt that she is very close with God.  She is a sweet spirit, and we love working with her:)

My companion and I are really working hard to apply the Work of Salvation in our missionary work.  We have been blessed with great success!  Testimony meeting yesterday was so sweet and tender.  Many people bore powerful testimony of the strength and affect that Member Missionary Work can have on investigators and other people.  They often testified of the power of missionary work in their lives, and how the missionaries changed their life.  I know that our influence as members of Christ's church is much larger than we can even comprehend.  The Lord is hastening his work, and not just out here in the field.  The Lord needs us to reach out to those who may be struggling, our friends outside of the Church, and those Less Active members who could use the feeling of the Saviors love in their lives and homes.  I testify that the reason people are Less Active is NOT because of their excuses for why they are not coming.  People who are less active need to feel their Saviors love in their life.  Once they feel that, it makes coming back to church all the more appealing.  I know this is true.  The Lord needs us to Listen, to understand, and then to testify of Christ's love for them.  We can do that in many different ways.  Above all, remember that the Church is centered around Jesus Christ.  It is through Him that we bring others back into the fold.  

It is Christ that has been the constant this week.  I have felt His love intimately and personally through the struggles both as a missionary and in my personal life.  Through Christ, I can do all things.  I have felt His hand in my life this week, and His strength given to me at times when I wasn't sure if I had it in me.  It is such a testimony to me of Christ's constant companionship in each of our lives.  I know that because of my relationship with Christ, my burdens "are made light".  To those who may have heavy burdens, or aching hearts, I testify that Christ is there.  He has been there all along.  As you seek Him, and come to know Him, I can promise you with all my heart, that He will comfort you.  He will guide you through the deep waters, and when you ask, in His time, He will command the waves of your lives to "Be Still".  He is my anchor, my closest friend, and the shoulder to lean on when climbing the hills of life is simply too much.  My testimony, my conversion is to Christ.  When I put my faith in Him, nothing else matters, and everything makes sense.  Jesus Christ is my Savior.  I know this.  I cannot deny it, and I will proclaim it for the rest of my life.  Come to Know Christ.  Learn of Him.  Seek to understand his Character, His attributes.  Apply those to your life.  He will come to you in your afflictions, and take our burdens.  I know this to be true.    

I feel all of your prayers daily.  It is a blessing to feel so strengthened by those who love and care about me, and I am so grateful for the people my Father in Heaven has placed in my life to strengthen and care for me.

We got some Canadian Flags for doing service.  So we're repping that Canadian Spirit;)

THE CLEANSE!!!;)  Haha green healthy protein shakes are a big thing here in the CTM, so that's been my "WHEY" for the past month:)  #gains

Sick Elder Smith...

Me when I found out we have to spend the next 2 days locked in our apartment...

 My companion in all his glory

 Us going nuts...


 More Crazy Elder Smith;)

 Fast Sunday Dinner...KD Dinner(Mac n Cheese), Buffalo Bratwurst, and herb rice on a was dang good:)

My gift from Kimberly hahaha:)  yep, it's a dishrag..used i think..keeping it forever. (I corrected him on the fact it's more likely a pot holder instead of a dishrag. He has a kind heart. He really will keep it forever.)

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