Saturday, September 5, 2015

HI!!!! Week 2


Week 2
Haha so this week has just been the funnest!!  I've laughed so hard I think I grew another two abdominal muscles ;)  Spiritual experiences have been in abundance this week.  We had the chance to really connect with Chad, our investigator.  I was able to really use my experiences in life to help him understand and connect with Jesus Christ, it was amazing!!!  I really feel so blessed to have been able to have those experiences.  This week has been a week of figuring out what type of missionary God needs me to be.  Through this week and my experiences in the MTC I've really come to understand that God needs me to be the missionary to comfort the sick and afflicted, bring back the one, and welcome home the prodigal son.  I've received confirmation after confirmation that this is my area I need to focus on.  So I've been sharing my experiences in my lessons as much as possible and I've seen amazing results.  I don't think I've cried more due to spiritual experiences than I have this week!!!  I'm so excited to get into the field!!!  We had some fun times too:):)  I got to meet a lot of people from Viewmont High School, so that's been cool!  I also had some mischievous pranks I pulled on others, which was to say the least, quite entertaining:):)  All in all, I've LOVED the MTC!!!  Life's been so good and I've really come to understand how blessed I am!  I love this gospel, and I've really come to realize how much the Savior and my testimony of Him is going to play into my mission.  My patriarchal blessing talks a lot about that, and I've really striven to focus on that.  
I also got to watch probably the most spiritually uplifting and life-changing talk I've ever listened to.  "The Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar is a talk that can only be listened to in the MTC.  But it was so powerful, it was an answer to a lot of prayers I had had.  I'd been kind of struggling with a few things and that talk just bore such a powerful testimony to me of what I needed to do.  This week I've striven to become as Christ-like as possible and it's really been such a blessing to me.  Applying the concept of "turning outwards" instead of "turning inwards" has helped me tremendously.  I encourage all of you to seek out what it means to be Christ's version of selfless.  I promise you that as you seek to "turn outward" and focus your love and attentions on others that you will find answers to the problems you struggle with and you will find that Christ will help you with things you can't do yourself.  I know my Savior lives, and I love Him so much.  So excited to get to Canada!!!
Talk to you guys soon!!
Pictures hand selected by Cale, with his titles he sent:
My mission companion who is also going to Toronto; Elder Olsen
Elder Cena

The Squad...Temple Bound

 The gents lookin' fresh

 THEE District!

 Cover for GQ

 Elder Newey!!

 So my comp is freaking awesome:):)  he got tired of waiting til Saturday to wash his clothes, so he's hand washing those bad boys:):)  laughing so hard, he's the best:):)

King Benjamin Status with Elder Taylor, whose from Layton and also going to Toronto:)

 Signing off for this week.....LOVE YA!!

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