Monday, September 14, 2015

Niagara eh?:)


This week has been nothing short of AWESOME!:)  There was a lot that happened so I'll start from the beginning.  My companion and trainer is Elder Braeden Smith from Las Vegas:)  This is his first time training, he's been out 10 months and is way chill!  It's been awesome having him as a trainer, and we get along great:)  We're currently assigned to serve in the St. David's/Niagara area, so we're literally like 5 minutes from the falls.  I LOVE THE AREA:)  The ward we're in is amazing.  We have dinner appointments every night, members at almost every lesson, and referrals usually 3 times a week.  The work here is amazing.  I won't share all of my experiences in my letters cuz there's honestly too many to share, but my favorite was actually on SaturdaySaturday we met with a 67 year old man named Pete.  He's a really good guy, the previous elders had tracted into him one day.  He's been praying to decide if he should be baptized, but he struggles with smoking, and we hadn't taught him the WoW yet.  We were planning on teaching him that on Monday, but somehow it came up on Saturday.  As we explained it, I got the strongest feeling to share some of my own experiences with him.  I did, and the spirit was so strong as I shared my own personal story of overcoming my challenges with drugs.  He really understood what I was saying, and I was able to testify with the spirit that overcoming this is possible.  I got a little teary-eyed, and testified that through Christ, we can be healed of our imperfections and addictions.  It also so happens that when i was about to leave, I had the impression to grab one of my sobriety coins, and put it in my pocket.  I listened to the spirit, and consequently I was able to give him my sobriety coin I got when I graduated Lifeline.  It was such a testament to me that I was called here in Canada at this time because certain people need what I have to share.  I know that I was called here for a purpose, and it is so amazing to already see that coming true in my first week.  

I also invited someone to be baptized my second day here!!  We're continuing lessons with them to help them understand why baptism is important.  I also had the opportunity to give a member whose really struggling a blessing.  It was again, so amazing to feel the spirit speak to me words to say and things to promise i never would have thought of.  We also have a baptism this Sunday!!!:):)  His name is Kris.  He's 13, and he struggles with his mom.  I've also been able to share my experiences with him, and help him to work through the things he struggles with.  Me and him really connect, and it's been so amazing working with him and all our investigators!!:)  I love this work and I know that I was called here for a reason.  We've got a lot of new investigators this week, and we're working towards baptizing all of them:)  

Salemut-means thank you in Philipino;)  to everyone for all the help and strength you've given me.  I feel your prayers daily, and the Lord has lifted me up to a level far beyond my own ability.  I feel his presence each day in words that I say, the things that i do, and the way I teach.  Satan works extremely hard on missionaries, and I've truly felt that this week.  But Jesus Christ has strengthened me and made me more already than I ever knew I could be.  Ofa atu from Canada:)

Touchdown in Toronto with the Boys:)

Our Fortress of Solitude

The "Steadfast" Elder Smith

 My early morning happy place:):):)

Our Humble Abode:)

More "steadfast" Elder Smith

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