Monday, October 5, 2015

First Transfer's almost over!

Man it is so crazy!  My first transfer is almost over!  It definitely does not feel like I've been out 5 weeks, that's for sure.  This week has been great!  There's been a lot of service done, that's for sure.  Each week we get the opportunity to volunteer at the soup kitchen, which has really helped me to gain an even better understanding of Christ-like love.  It's been a wonderful opportunity!  Lessons have gone really well this week as I've just really tried to teach simply and by the spirit!  We are SOO busy!  The work is definitely moving forward.  This week I'd like to take some time to explain "The Work of Salvation" and what it means for the CTM.

The Work of Salvation is like our mission guideline on how to find teach, and baptize.  It's unique in that the Canada Toronto mission is the ONLY mission currently implementing this, and we are blessed with seeing amazing results.  The work of Salvation entails focusing on all categories of members and investigators.  This includes Less-Actives, Recent Converts, Investigators, and Active Members.  Our job and goal is to strengthen the stakes of Zion.  And The Work of Salvation is our guideline to doing that:)  

President Clayton has instructed us that Less-Actives, Recent Converts and Investigators are just as important as investigators.  He has given us counsel to meet regularly with each person who fits under that category each week, focusing on all parts of God's kingdom, including members, and not just investigators, and finding investigators.  Because we are focusing on ALL of God's kingdom, including those who have gone astray and those who are firm in the faith, we are being blessed to see so many more people coming into the waters of baptism!  As we focus on these groups of people, and help them come unto Christ, we then ask them who they know who need's to hear our message.  Because we've helped them to come back, or to come unto Christ, or to continue to come unto Christ, it is a regular occurrence to receive referrals and names of people who need our message.  These referrals are so often proving to be just so solid, because we get the people who referred them out to the lessons!  We meet with our recent converts once a week, and contact them via phone or text message daily!  It's been such a blessing to find new investigators in this manner.  I've really felt like a better disciple of Christ as we've done our best to implement this new mission vision.  Of our upcoming baptismal dates, 50% of them have been reached and found using the new vision.  It is really been a testimony to me of that the Lord has indeed called President Clayton, and given him the keys to preside over the Canada Toronto mission.  

Conference this week has been such a blessing.  I truly have come to know that the Prophet is called of God.  He is lifted up and strengthened by the spirit as he valiantly serves.  His apostles have answered all the questions I came to conference with and then some.  Their counsel has been so amazing to hear and listen to.  I feel so blessed to belong to a church where we believe and know that God speaks through Living prophets on the earth today.  I love them and sustain them.  I know as we heed their counsel we will be blessed.  There is no denying they are called of God.

I've also had the opportunity to witness and experience the Spirit of Elijah!  I've used my family's pedigree fan chart countless times in teaching people about family history and the importance of taking family names to the temple.  Seeing all my family spread out on a sheet of paper and having the knowledge that I am sealed to them for time and all eternity is both humbling and such a blessing.  I have felt countless times that my ancestors have been right alongside me helping me say the things I needed to say, or do the things I needed to do.  I have a testimony that families are forever, and that we can be blessed as we follow the commandments and stay temple worthy, so that we may live with them forever.  I love this gospel and I love being a missionary.  It's here I belong.  I love you all!!

Niagara in the Rain:)


Elder Smith after nap time;)
Elder Smith looking like an apostle
Pondering the universe
Reppin the 905 in Zone council;)
Some Canadian Pride;)
A Canadian Sunrise in Niagara
Sister DeMeel gave me a bumblebee pin because my last names Bybee lololol.  I wear it every time i wear my suit underneath my lapel.  cuz i can't wear pins that don't represent the Lord.

Canadian Tie from the Gauthiers.  "Go-tee-ay's"

Elder Smith and Elder BiBee (They spelled his name wrong.) come and help every Tuesday to prepare and serve lunch! Two young elders from the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints whose congregation helps on Sunday's with the winter supper program and most recently stocked the shelves with a wonderful donation of groceries! Thank you to all members of the church. (I got this photo and explanation off of the soup kitchen's Facebook page.)

Cale's Mission Zone

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