Monday, October 19, 2015


Hahahahaha so I'm getting transferred!!  Totally did not see that coming!   Elder Smith's been here for 6 months, we thought for sure he was leaving!  But I'm headed to St. Thomas, which is just outside of London.  Which is around an hour west from Toronto.  So yeah that was interesting to hear last night!
So Me and Elder Smith have been doing squats and leg workouts every day so we can dunk basektballs on each other.  I'm winning haha, so that's been fun:)  I'm almost there, I just need like another couple inches on my vertical and I'll be slamming down two-handed jams on e'rrybody;)  
This week has been awesome!!  Nerve wracking with transfers coming up, but way cool!  We've done a lot of tracting and I've been working on my tracting skills, which still need a lot of work, but I'm getting better at it!  Super sad that I'm missing Graham, Pete and Bella's baptisms...yeah that was kinda hard for me.  But I know I did my part, and my work's in St. Thomas.  My new companion will be Elder Curallo from the Philippines:)  So that'll be interesting for me!  I'm excited for the change and I really look forward to just throwing myself into the work.  I'll miss the members in St. David's for sure, they've been so awesome!!  This week we just really tried to have Christ-like love for everyone, and it's been such a blessing.  I know that Christ walks with us as we try to follow His footsteps.  

We ran into a crazy lady, which has made the top of my new craziest story, so that was interesting.  It involved a cat and her in a piece of bark that looked like Jesus' that was an experience for sure:)  Super nice lady though, and she Loves Jesus so I guess that's all you can ask sometimes haha:)  

Prayer has really just stuck out to me this week.  I really pondered and studied into the idea of Sincere Prayer.  It kind of occurred to me that I need to be more sincere in prayer.  As I applied that principal, the spirit was so much more present in life.  It seems like sometimes we just pray really fast and say whatever is on our mind.  I found that when I slowed it down, and meant everything I was thankful for and asked for, the spirit was so much more stronger.  I know that sincere prayer brings down the blessings of heaven.
This week I had the opportunity to meet this member of another ward.  His story was so inspiring.  He had a troubled past, and it was while he was in prison that he discovered the Bible. from there he only went up.  When he ran into the missionaries he didn't even have to ask them who they were, because the spirit had already been such a strong influence in his life.  When he talks of spiritual things, it seems as if he quotes scripture every other sentence.  Not citing it word for word or giving the location of it, but as he speaks you recognize the words of the prophets throughout time.  It was such a spiritual experience for me to know this man.  I did not feel like the teacher as I sat there.  Every word he spoke rang with the authority of the Priesthood and spoke to me through the spirit.  It motivated me to study all the scriptures.  I just finished the Book of Mormon and started both the BoM, the New Testament and D&C.  It's brought me a lot of peace and comfort as well as greater understanding and comprehension of the spirit.  It also prompted me to ponder on what type of man I want to be after my mission.  I want to be a man of God, a disciple of Christ with or without the name tag to go with it.  I want people to meet me and feel of the savior's love for them.  I want to become better.  There's a new Mormon Message out, called "Am I Even a Good Man?"  It's phenomenal, I strongly recommend it to you all:)  

I don't have much time, but I want you all to know I love you!!  The church is true, Christ's Atonement is infinite and descends below all things.  I know He lives.  I cannot deny it nor will I ever deny it.  He is my Savior, and I feel Him walking the streets with me each day.  His presence is real.  His Spirit speaks comfort and knowledge to me each day.  I have really come to realize how unworthy I am to be a follower of Him.  But I rejoice in that knowledge, because it allows me to draw closer to Him.  To rely on Him more fully and my relationship deepens and strengthens as I do so.  I can honestly say I am now thankful for all my trials.  That has always been hard to say, but I can now say it with honesty of heart, because I know that the Lord prepared my heart through those trials to draw closer to Christ, and as such come to know of a surety of the love He has for me, and all His children.  The worth of every soul is great in the eyes of God.  I know these things to be true.  I love you all.  I keep you in my prayers.  Ofa Atu!
such a wonderful companion exchange;)
silly weird elder peterson hahaha
close up of elder ngerantar lol:)

THE BOYS WERE BACK IN TOWN:)  but now we're gone..
Hoodlums on the prowl;)
My 1907 Bible containing my Father's Lineage(yes, all of those are trainers who trained their trainee's)

ya we're weird hahaha:)

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