Monday, November 30, 2015

Last week of the Transfer :)

Man this week has been SOOO busy!!!  Preparing our area and getting everything in order has been a struggle, but we've done it!  We're ready for the Christmas season!:)  

Along with that is the new Christmas video that's out!  A Savior is Born is the name, and I'm OBSESSED with it!!  It's sooooo awesome and I'm so excited to be able to share that with everyone we come into contact with.  Christmas is the best time for missionary work, we're starting to see a lot of success!  The Christmas season is such a blessed time to be a missionary, and we're so excited to start sharing the message of Christmas!  I encourage you all to share that new christmas video on social media, it's really such a powerful missionary tool, so get out there and share it!!  Use the video in family home evenings, this video is inspired by President Nelson himself, and we've already seen the spirit working in the lives of those we've shared it with!!  Get out there and be missionaries yourselves!

This week we were supposed to see Devin enter the waters of baptism, but there were some set backs that we had to resolve...basically the outcome is because he's really turned his life around he just needs to continue to go to church, read, pray and keep his commitments for another 3 months and then the First Presidency will approve him being baptized!!  So a bit of a setback, but nothing major!  It will really build his faith and help him to improve his understanding of the gospel!  We're so excited!!  

This week I had my first run in with an investigator getting into Anti-Mormon material.  It was really difficult to see the focus shift so quickly from the spirit to "the facts".  However, we continued to just testify of the spirit, and what this is all really about.  We helped him to realize that no matter what the "facts" may say, or what people say, it's really between him and God if this is true.  He has literally a Million questions and has a machine gun kelly mouth, so he just fires them at us one after another.  It's really been difficult to keep focused on the lesson we felt inspired to share.  However, when we simply teach, and focus on the spirit, we've had more success!  It's been hard, but good!  I've really grown from it.  

Thing's are good here, I'm staying in St. Thomas another transfer, which is sweet!  I'm excited, big things are coming to St. Thomas!:)  

So yeah, that's been cool!  I love you all!  Have a great week!!:)  

Elder Bybee
Toronto Canada
Ofa Atu

Brother Knight...nuff said;)

Brother knight's dead finger that's getting chopped's been there for 3 months...

Bagged milk..yep that's how milk comes here in Ontario;)

Ugly Christmas Sweater for the ward Christmas party:)
Canadian 1 dollar bills.  the 1 dollar coins are called Looney's and the 2 dollar coins are called Tooney's.  The bills are also plastic, and smell like maple syrup:)

Our Christmas decorations:):):)

We got into an accident...courtesy of Elder Carullo;)

Elder Olson and me looking G

 Elder Carullo bout to drop a fire album

 just too much swagger

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