Monday, November 23, 2015

The Life and Time's of Elder Bybee

Well hello there, it has been the CRAZIEST WEEK!  But I love it:):)  

So officially never been more busy in my entire life.  Being a companion to a district leader is like trying to keep up with Usain're always behind.  But I love it, being busy is a blessing if you look at it the right way haha;)

This week we were blessed to see Angel get baptized!!!  It was such an honor to have the opportunity to baptize her.  The spirit was so strong, and it was such a blessing to feel that confirmation that the work we are doing here matters, and what we do changes people's lives.  I know, however, that it is the Lord working through us, and in her personal life that got her to this spot.  She is our golden investigator!  She's got plans to serve a mission, and shares the gospel with EVERYONE.  It's just crazy, and we feel so blessed to be able to be a part of her walk with Christ.  It's very fulfilling to see the difference that we make.  Needless to say, it's been a good week!  

We also have a baptism next week on the 28th!!!  We're so pumped to see Devin enter the waters of baptism as well, he has had a long road in coming to Christ, but the blessings are very visibly seen in his life.  He has a great testimony, andddddddddd
He's Marrying a member this February!!  They have plans to get married in the temple as soon as they can, because he'll be a convert.  It's so amazing to see his personal testimony coming forth, and to see that he's really doing this for himself.  This week has just been full of miracles:)  

I've also recently discovered something that has quite literally changed my life.  You all ready?;)

Apple Pie with cheese...has seriously become the most heavenly dessert I think the Lord has ever blessed humanity with.  It's a canadian thing, and man may I just say,
It is Celestial material.  
Needless to say, many much apple pie making, with slabs of cheese to go with it when I get home hahaha:)  Good stuff.  

This Sunday was the Montreal Temple Rededication!  It was an amazing experience, especially because we got special permission to confirm Angel the same day of her baptism so she could attend the temple rededication broadcasted at our chapel.  The Spirit was so undeniably strong, and the speakers said things that I really needed to hear.  I went there with some questions, and things I've been struggling to accept and let go of, and they answered my questions almost right out of the gate.  As President Eyring, my FAVORITE apostle, gave a talk, he talked of ancestors.  As he talked, choking up like he usually does in some parts, he said a phrase that provoked a lot of tears and emotion for me personally.  

He said, "Those who are faithful to their temple covenants feel the support of ancestors long past, strengthening them through their personal trials."  

Right as he said that, the Spirit grew very strong, and I had the undeniable feeling come to my heart that my Great-Grandma Bybee was in that chapel, an extension of the temple, sitting beside me.  And that she understood what I was going through.  I felt the undeniable love of the Savior through her presence, as President Eyring testified of the power and healing that temples bring. It was such a touching and spiritual experience for me, and one that answered my prayer that I was not alone, that angels do minister unto me, and the love and Understanding that My Savior has for me, and the things I go through.  He is mindful of me, He knows me, and He walks these streets with me.  

Never before have I had such a connection to my ancestors as I did yesterday.  I am so grateful for them, for the times they've stood beside me and helped me to feel of my Savior's love.  I know they minister unto me, comfort and help me to feel the peace that comes from the Savior's love.  I know Heavenly Father answers my prayers.  He cares for me, and listens to my prayers said in dingy apartments, on the streets of Canada, and in the hours I most need him to be there.  He is there.  Jesus Christ lives, I know this is true.  I love you all.  Thank you for all the prayers on my behalf, I feel them daily.  I love you:)
Elder Bybee
Toronto Canada
Ofa Atu
 This is basically...a massive lifesize elephant that died in St. Thomas...don't ask why, I have no clue...

Angel's baptism pictures:)

Exchange days...some elders are a bit less dignified than others..exhibit A hahaha:)  (that's some strange Philipino drink, courtesy of my it's not alcoholic;)

The first snow fall:)

Da Boys;)
nuff said.

 Elder Olsen...nuff said;)

The death song of Elder Mangakahia(when someone dies in mission terms it means they go home.  So elder Mangakahia is now, officially...dead.)

More Elder Carullo, as Al Capone

 From Father to Son, the dopeness lives on;)  (another mission term, your trainer is your father.  I know...weird..)

 More Elder Carullo..doing..something..

 Pose for the camera

Elder Longson and Elder Landes, exchanges...

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