Monday, December 7, 2015

On the 7th Day of Christmas


Hahahaha hello everybody!!  GOOD MORNING!!:)  

This week has just been awesome!  We've been sharing the "A Savior is Born" video and man it's been SOOOO SICK!  It's so cool how people become more willing to hear the message around Christmas time.  Christmas season man, it's the good stuff for missionary work.  I guess to start out,
I had my first experience being "condemned to hell" this week:)  Man was it something!  We met with an 18 year old boy from the Faith Baptist church here in St. Thomas.  The lesson went well, he had some questions that were anti in nature, but we answered them through the spirit and resolved some of those questions.  I think he was trying to confound us, but it still went well!  However, at the very end, he said the closing prayer, and basically told God how sad he was that we were "going to hell" and that he hoped we could "see the light" and "repent of our ways" so we could "join him and Jesus in Paradise".  Elder Carullo and I had a good laugh after, it was good:):)  It didn't bother me much either, which surprised me a bit.  Idk it's weird..I really only felt sad that other churches chose to purposely preach Anti-Mormon doctrine in their churches on Sundays.  And sad that so many people can be kept from the knowledge of the truth because of religious leaders who lead their flocks astray.  However, it brings me comfort to know that eventually everyone will have the opportunity to have the fullness of the restored gospel taught to them, and that they have the opportunity to accept or decline of their own free will.  

Now, for the happier news.  This week we've had SO MUCH success in finding new investigators!  Opening our mouths and being fearless has brought a great change here in St. Thomas.  We are so excited for the Christmas season that's upon us, and we're excited to help people enter the waters of baptism!  

This week on Sunday we had the opportunity to teach Primary during Sharing Time.  Man it really made me realize how much I missed working with children.  Seriously it was heaven for that short 15 minutes.  I sat and colored and talked with the 4 year old class.  Devin Evertt who just turned 5 was talking my ear off about Ironman and donkey's while shy Erica Woolsey wouldn't say anything until I told her I loved her dress.  Then she started chatting away.  Man it was the best 15 minutes I've spent on the mission:)  I love children, it's so refreshing to be around such pure and divine spirits, to see their inherent innocence and sweetness.  I loved it, and the Spirit truly testified of the love and joy our Father in Heaven has at the sight of His small children being raised in the gospel.  As a missionary we're not allowed too often to interact with kids, and when we do, we have to be careful, due to legal issues and things that arise, from the way the world has become.  So it was nice to just sit and talk and interact with these children.  one of my favorite times this week, and in the whole mission:):)  

Life's good here, things aren't too cold yet, and Christmas is coming:)  It's a blessing to be on a mission during Christmas time, it really opens your eyes to what Christmas is really about.  I love the mission, and I love this gospel.  Godbless, and always remember who Christmas is really about this season!  


Elder Bybee
Toronto Canada
Ofa Atu
Foggy St. Thomas Air:)

Christmas in London!

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