Monday, December 21, 2015

Well, I'm not dead yet ;)

Hahaha oh man, where to start??  

This week...has been really hard for me personally.  Thursday night I started having a ton of sharp pains in my abdomen.  I went into the hospital Friday, spent 3 hours waiting for a doctor, and talked to him for 3 minutes...just so he could tell me I had to go somewhere else to get an ultrasound.  It's frustrating, just wanting to know what's going on so I can get better and get back to full activity as a missionary.  Right now I have to rest for a portion of the day, in order to spend the rest of the day being effective, which is kind of really frustrating.  The work is moving SO MUCH around Christmas time, and it's just so frustrating not being able to be out there for as long as we should be normally.  However, despite all this, I've felt the love of my Savior so strong this week.  

On one particular day, I was just feeling sorry for myself, frustrated and tired.  I ran across a scripture in John chapter 6 verses 67-68.

67-Then Jesus said unto the twelve, 'Will ye also go away?'

68-Then Simon Peter answered him,

'Lord, to whom shall we go?

Thou hast the words of eternal life.'

It really made me look at myself, and the attitude I was having.  I had to look at myself and seriously reflect on where I was at, and if I too, was going away spiritually from the Savior.  It also helped me to feel that I had a home here, and that I'm never alone, when I chose to follow Christ, and try my best to be like Him, even when circumstances make it hard.  Needless to say, it was much needed.  

Now, for the good news:)

This week we had an awesome early Christmas present!  Devin, one of our investigators whose baptism had to be postponed, JUST GOT CLEARED FOR BAPTISM!!:):):)  For some reason we just kept getting the thought to call President again and talk about him.  He called a person to get some clarifications, and it turns out he is in fact able to be baptized as soon as he wants to!!:)  We were SO excited for him, he's been so strong in seeking out and following Christ, despite the many setbacks he's had in his life!!  We're so excited to see him enter the waters of Baptism:):)  We'll be setting a date with him this Wednesday:)  It was an answer to our prayers and the knowledge that the Lord is working in the people's lives here in St. Thomas was so awesome!!:)  

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play a piano piece I arranged in Sacrament for the Christmas program.  I took 'The First Noel' and 'I Know that My Redeemer Lives' and sort of intermixed the two.  I had prayed to know what the Lord wanted me to play, and this came out of it:)  Sunday Morning I still was feeling terrible, having only gotten 4 hours of sleep that night, and I was definitely not where I should have been with the arrangement.  However, I said a prayer before, and the piece went well!  After, I had a lady come up to me and thank me, saying "That was exactly what I needed to hear today."  It was humbling to feel that I really had nothing to do with what came out of it, that the Lord really did guide what happened.  

I love you all, I feel your prayers daily!:)  Thank you for all that you do!  Merry Christmas, and remember who Christmas is really about!!:):)  God is great, and the church is true:)  Jesus Christ is our Savior, and He knows us each individually.  If we seek Him, we will find the things we feel we may be missing in our life.  

Elder Bybee
Toronto Canada
Ofa Atu

 In this Christmas season, remember who Christmas is really about.  LOVE YOU ALL:)  #asaviorisborn #livefromToronto

The Good Stuff

Crazy Elder Carullo concoction...aka the real reason I've been sick..;)

Kale Powder...good stuff for ya;)

more waiting for elder carullo

those morning pictures though;)

Brother Fox!  A real homie

 President and Sister Clayton!:)  Merry christmas:):)

Yep...canadian's love their beer...and alcohol...baadddd juju

More morning photo's;)

Visiting the sick and the afflicted:)


So we have an artist in the ward, and he drew us this hilarious caricature:)  loved it!:)  


St. Thomas represent

repping those hospital gowns

Elder Blanscett! 

Sick and tired Elder Bybee after the hospital
(From his mother- please keep him in your prayers that the doctors will be able to figure out exactly what is wrong with him and be able to fix it so he can continue to serve the way he wants to. You all know Cale loves being out there and wants to serve every day. He loves the people and loves serving His Savior. The health care system in Canada is NOT the same as the U.S. and processes are drawn out a lot longer because of how they set up their system.)

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