Monday, January 11, 2016


Hey there family and friends!:)  How's things down in the 801??  going well I hope??:)  Kamusta is hello in Tagalog!:)  I've been practicing praying in Tagalog and I'm getting fairly good at it!  Emphasis on fairly haha:)  

This week has been vastly different from the last!  I guess I'll start off by saying we had Transfer Call's yesterday and I'm staying in St. Thomas!:)  Elder Carullo is going down to Burlington, and Elder Fillmore is coming to St. Thomas with me!:)  I was super stoked to stay, I really still feel like I have work to do here, so I'm excited!:)  

This week's been all about attitude!  This week I decided that I wasn't going to let how I felt physically affect how I felt spiritually and emotionally.  So this week's been dope!!  It's been hard to accept some things, but I've just tried my best to just push myself each day.  Changing my expectations has been huge too!  All the Lord expects of us is to give our best.  Our best isn't always someone else's best, but when we just do our part, the Lord makes up what we can't.  

It's been super crazy, I swear each day we'll get down to a certain time where I'm just drained and I swear I can't do the next lesson, but each time somehow I seem to have a little bit left to give, and so I do it, and somehow seem to make it through the day:)  I know it's the combination of prayer and fasting from home, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  

This week I had an interesting experience.  I went to a meeting with a question.  
"How can I make my Savior proud despite setbacks and challenges?"  The answer I received was both profound and divine.  Through words people in the meeting said, and feelings I received through the spirit, the answer came to use what talents I have to bless others.  

So this week I decided that the only expectation I would have for myself would be to Love Everyone Unconditionally.  In numerous blessings I have received over the years the concept of having compassion and Christ-like love for others has come up over and over again.  So I decided this week that would be all that I would try my best to do.  It was crazy!  Opportunities would come where we had a decision to make.  And it was crazy...when you look outside yourself, there is really so much more of you to give.  

The Mormon Message entitled "Lift" has been a huge source of strength to me this week!  It's helped me really to look outside myself and look to help others.  The Savior works very simply really...our greatest healing and strength comes from when in the midst of our own trials, we look outside ourselves.  When we lift and strengthen others, we put ourselves in a position where the Savior can lift us.  

We had an experience this week where we were in a lesson.  The Spirit was SO strong, and it was amazing!  Elder Carullo asked this lady if she felt the love of her Savior...
She sat there, looking very sad and lost, and didn't the silence lengthened, the Spirit grew stronger and stronger.  I then looked her in the eyes, and being completely filled with the Spirit, told her that her Savior loved her..that He lived, and that He knows the Spirit testified of that simple testimony, it felt as if the Savior himself were in that room...she brightened up, smiled, got a little teary eyed and said..."Yeah, I think so too."  It was an amazing experience, one I'll never forget.  

My testimony is this.  All those seeking to find themselves must look outside ourselves.  We are looking for something we obviously do not have.  Why search ourselves?  We are missing something, it is ridiculous to assume that we would find it in our self.  When we heal the body, we need to turn inward to recover.  However, when we're healing the soul, turning inward doesn't work.  The triage of the soul lies in turning outwards.  Those who are seeking to find themselves, will find it in serving others.  
The more we serve others, the more substance there is to our souls.  Indeed, it's easier to find ourselves because there's so much more of us to find.  It is in this selfless service that the Christlike attribute of Charity emerges.  Those seeking to find that which has been lost, those searching for a purpose or a greater closeness with the Savior will find it as they forget themselves, and lose their life in the service of others.  
This is the Savior's way.  When we partake in the healing and comfort of others, it puts us in a position for our Savior to heal us, most times without even realizing He has done so.  

My scripture this week comes from Acts.  

Acts 4:31 & 33

And when they had prayed, 
the place was shaken where they were assembled together;
and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost,

and they spake the word of God with boldness.  

And with great power 
gave the apostles witness 
of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus:

and great grace was upon them all.  

I testify He lives.  I stand as a witness that He does.  His name on my chest each day means more to me than words will or could ever describe.  He is here, among us each day, working quite miracles, healing our hearts of our infirmities, lifting our burdens.  In return, let us be the angels healing others.  I testify both from personal experience and thorough study, that this healing power of the Atonement is real, and that is flows freely best when we chose to exert our agency to lift, and heal others.  The Atonement is real.  It changes hearts.  Our souls become rich, and deep as we apply these simple characteristics.  I cannot begin to explain the amazing change I have experienced.  Words will never fully describe how I feel in my heart towards our Savior.  I love Him, and serve Him.  

Thanks again for all the prayers on my behalf!  I love you all!:)  
Elder Bybee
Toronto Canada
Ofa Atu
When you find JW material in your investigators house.....😒 

I am officially "dart master" ;)

 THE WITCHES GRAVE!  yep there's a witch in St. Thomas whose gravestone turned black after she was buried...ooooooh ;)

ELDER TEUTAU from New Zealand :)  He's my great grandad in mission lineage :)  he's dope!  yep that's a gold tooth :)

Hey guess what?  It actually snows here in Canada from time to time ;)


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