Monday, January 4, 2016

This week

This week...has been something.  But through it I've come, really to know of the love my Savior has for me.  

Medically things have been hard.  With the possibility of having to come home for a bit for surgery, it's just become overwhelming.  But the Lord knows me.  If there's one thing I have learned through this trial, it's that the Lord knows me.  My Savior, Jesus Christ lives.  He lives.  He is Risen, triumphant over the grave and the sins of the world.  Because of Him, our sicknesses and hardships are not permanent.  He knows us, so personally we will never fully understand.  He has borne for us everything, so that He might know how to succor His people.  We are His people.  He desires all to come unto Him, so at the last day when our Father accounts of our lives, He may step in and say, this man is clean.  This women is pure.  For he has followed me.  For she has partaken of my Atonement for her.  

The Atonement is real.  It is all encompassing.  Christ "descended below all things", so that he may know how to help us.  He aches when we ache, he breaks when we break, and through him we are healed.  Many times we do not understand the healing power of the Atonement.  The Atonement does not take away trials.  Nor does it remove hardships.  Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave a beautiful message last General Conference on how the Atonement works.  When we walk with Christ, we will have ups and downs.  Many times in my life I have expected that when the hard times come Christ will just carry me right on through it so I don't have to deal with it.  This is not the case.  When a bone breaks, the body sends supplies to the area to help it grow.  After all is said and done, the bone has grown back stronger than before, to ensure that the next time it undergoes the previous level of stress, it will not yield, but hold fast against the pressure applied.  

The same applies to us and the Atonement.  Many times we cry out for God to not let us break.  However, many times God, and His Son Jesus Christ allow us to fall.  They allow us to break.  But without fail, after these times the Love of God increases and we can feel that in our Lives.  His healing power lifts us up, as it does educating us and in all instances helping us to progress.  Trials are meant to instruct and build us up to something we could never have been before we had experienced our trials.  

The Savior lives.  He hears our prayers and ministers unto us daily.  His love is unfailing.  He suffered for me.  He suffered for you.  Jesus is OUR Christ.  He knows us each individually and completely.  He speaks to us today.  There is no place we can fall that He cannot pull us from.  People may criticize, tear down or seek to denounce Him, and His church.  But none can destroy what He has accomplished for us.  

All things denote there is a God.  There are signs in everything around us.  The world itself, nature and all living things testify of the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ.  We receive that witness through the Holy Ghost.  Man can deny it, but the Holy Ghost will testify to us even in hostile environments of what we know to be true.  Opposition has been, and will always be, for it is only through opposition that we grow.  While evil may fight against us, seeking to drag us down, we KNOW that our Savior Jesus Christ has triumphed over all.  We look forward to the great coming of our Lord, even Christ.  Prophets throughout all time have testified of Him.  Men have given their lives, in the defense of these truths.  

In this day and age we may not be asked to give up our lives in defense of Him.  However, we can dedicate, even consecrate our lives in the service of God.  Elder Neil A. Maxwell said
"Consecration is the only surrender that is also a Victory."  As we consecrate our lives to the service of our Savior, we are promised that the devil shall have no power over us.  Joseph Smith taught us that man is organized to have dominion over the devil.  We need  not fear, when we seek the Lord earnestly.  

Christ lives.  This is His church, restored on the earth once more.  It will never again be taken from the earth.  The power of the Atonement is real.  As a witness of Him, I testify these things to be true.  The Lord has a plan for each of us.  We may not know that plan, but when we surrender, even consecrate our lives in the pursuit of doing His will, we will not be left alone, nor will we be lead astray.  

I love you all.  Thank you for all your prayers on my behalf.  Please continue to pray for me, especially this coming Thursday.  

Elder Bybee
Toronto Canada
Ofa Atu

 This picture has given me a lot of strength, and gotten me through the tough times.

Just chilling in the rez;)

hahahaha some random guy's door...crazy dude:)  good story;)  

hahaha oh my gosh Bill Veeken's hat kills me:)  He came out tracting with us:)

it was a toasty -10 without wind chill that day;)  needless to say, we didn't jump in;)

(Brother Vanderveeken- the one in the beenie that Cale sent above- posted these two photos below on his Facebook page and tagged Cale in it.) Elder Bybee and Elder Carullo braved the cold winds at Port Stanley Beach but not many Investigators in for a swim to start the New Year. Checking out the No Trespassing area!

 this guy is the illest kid I've ever met.  taking him home with me:)


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