Monday, February 22, 2016

The Trifecta of Righteousness

Hahaha well this week we got an Emergency Transfer!  Elder Taylor, who I went to Junior High with, got transferred to be with us for the weekend due to his companion going home!  So we just slayed it here in St. Thomas for the weekend!

Transfers were this Sunday...and we're staying another!!!!  We prayed all week to stay another transfer, and the Lord heard our prayers :)  It was awesome, and I'm so stoked!!!!!  It's gonna be awesome :)  

Man where to even start??

Oh yes, of course, miracles ;)

So we have had the HARDEST time getting investigators out to church...we dropped a TON of our investigators this week because they just weren't willing to progress.  So this week we prayed every chance we got to find 2 investigators who were willing to come to church THIS Sunday...and then we just went out and had faith to find them.  Tuesday we received a media referral...straight from the website...which NEVER happens in St. Thomas...we dropped by and met probably the ONLY Jamaican guy here in St. Thomas.  And get this...HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED!  and he was willing to come to church this Sunday!  It was nuts, he was SO prepared, it was crazy and such a testimony builder to me of how much the Lord really does hear and answer our prayers!  It was just awesome :):)  

Another miracle this week came in doing some tracting!  We were out knocking doors in the cold and this young mom answered..we gave her a family proclamation and she went back inside...we were talking to her neighbor and she comes back out and starts asking us all these GOLDEN questions, it was awesome.  Then...get this...are you ready...she invited us back for a barbecue that Sunday!  We showed up on Sunday, and there was like 10 people we taught ALL 10 OF THEM :)  It was crazy...Elder Fillmore was teaching a group, I was teaching a group, and Elder Taylor was teaching a was like the craziest thing I've ever done...SO INTENSE!  and the spirit was like literally just so strong!  The only time I have ever walked into a non-member's house and felt the spirit the minute I walked in.  Just so prepared to hear the message, it was amazing!  

All transfer long we have struggled to get people out to church.  So this week we just did everything in our power to get investigators out to church...come Sunday NONE of the people we had invited came out...but we randomly had 3 investigators show up to church out of the blue we hadn't really talked to about was just a testimony builder to me that when we do all we can, the Lord does the rest :)  

This week has been awesome, a real growth period for me spiritually.  This week I really tried hard to focus on how I receive answers to questions and prayers...and it was interesting to realize that the Spirit speaks to each of us individually..we all receive personal revelation differently.  and it was SO cool to be able to gain a better understanding of how I receive personal revelation, and how the Spirit speaks to me...i was looking for a definite type of response...but instead, slowly over time began to realize i had always been receiving answers...I just hadn't understood it.  It's been a tremendous growth period for me, and one I've really come to enjoy :)  The Spirit works in mysterious ways, but in ways we all can understand.  

Revelation is the rock upon which our church is built.  The key to a testimony is personal revelation.  President Packer said "No one of us, can survive in the world today...or what it soon will become, without personal inspiration".  I know that to be so true.  Personal revelation is available to everyone.  When we ourselves enter into situations where we are lacking wisdom, the way forward is to ask..with the intent to act upon what we receive.  Joseph Smith understood this concept
"For how to act I did not know, and unless I could get more wisdom than I then had, I would never know."  

We will never come to learn more of the spiritual aspect of our lives unless we have the courage to ask.  The laws of God are set forward and available for us to learn about and understand.  God teaches that as we ask in faith, we shall receive.  

The other part of this is aligning our wills with Heavenly Father.  God has a plan for each of us, and a way for us to receive the innumerable blessings He has in store for us.  His will is the way for us to receive those blessings.  Praying each day for "Him to reveal the nature of God" will allow us to more easily understand and follow His will.  I have found as my desires have changed to more reflect the will of God for me, and the people I teach, the Spirit is felt more in abundance, and truly things usually just go better!  

Needless to say this week's been awesome:)  

Thank you all again, for your prayers!  I love you all :)  It's crazy I'm coming up on 6 months this week...that's a trippy thought...anyway :)  

Life's good as a St. Thomas missionary.  

much love

Elder Bybee
Toronto Canada
Ofa Atu
The nightlights in London

The homies :)

my face when I see president...or food

squad goals

happy times at the Stake Missionary activity :) 

Sweater Weather ;)

60 degree's on a winter Canadian day ;)

the boys doing some studies
getting ready to receive some revelation for weekly planning

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