Monday, February 29, 2016

Tracting for Dayzzz

Hahaha so this week.. man what to say?  I don't think I've ever tracted so much in my life..but hey :)  That's missionary work :)  Some weeks are slower than others :)

To start out, I swear we have fought with Satan himself to get Devin ready for baptism!  It has been crazy!  I can't really go into too much detail for confidentiality reasons, but sweet mercy...I'll give the devil this...he's DANG good at his job, that's for sure.  But Devin's finally on track for this Saturday, March 5th!  Tried to get this guy into the water for 4 TRANSFERS NOW!  It's about dang time :)  Needless to say, we've been fighting Satan this week, and I think we've come out winning :)  So we're stoked for that!  It'll be Elder Fillmore's first baptism, so I'm super pumped for him!  But hey, that's just how we do things in St. Thomas :)  

This week in our long hours of tracting we found a GOLDEN investigator, who also just happens to be the strangest investigator I've ever taught!  He looks like an auto mechanic, but has a PhD in Physics...and get this...he believes in a Heavenly Mother...!  Isn't that nuts??  AND modern day prophets!  He read the Book of Mormon in like a day....yeah he's we're working on getting him baptized too!  We've focused a ton on Baptismal dates this past week, and it's been awesome :)  

It's also getting to be golf weather..and what do you know, Bill Veeken happens to golf..needless to say there will be much time spent on P-Day's on the course :)  we're stoked to get out the sticks and play a few rounds! :)  

We met a man on the street who started yelling and telling us we didn't know what we were talking about and not to knock on the doors on his street cuz they were all Christian and they'd try to convert us.  We walked over to talk to him and, as usual to St. Thomas, he had all these notions of who we were and wasn't about to change his mind.  What struck me was when we invited him to pray about if we really were of the devil!  And he refused, over and over and over again.  And I just sat there thinking to myself...okay, this guy proclaims to be a Christian...and yet he's refusing to pray to God..and it's just made me sad...what made me even sadder was when he started talking about families and marriage..
He said "There's no such thing as eternal marriage or eternal families.  You die and that's it.  We go to heaven."  It gave me an opportunity to testify to him that I KNEW...families were forever.  Families were intended to be eternal..our loved ones were given to us so we could spend forever with them.  It saddened me greatly to hear this man, with his wife just inside the house, yelling about how marriage was just for this life..because I knew that marriage was eternal.  The opportunity we have to find a spouse and be sealed to them for time and all eternity has come to mean even more to me this week.  What a wonderful idea!  And so sad that some people have been led astray by men portraying to teach doctrine, when instead teaching men's interpretation thereof.  It was appalling to me to see people who believe God is truly that cruel to separate us from those we love most.  It's made me unbelievably grateful for the doctrine of Eternal Marriage, and so blessed to have a family I'm sealed with for eternity.  

Love this gospel, love this work.  
Too blessed to be tired


Elder Bybee

Blood moon!

 Guitar:)  signed by all the missionaries in our zone.

 the wall...people like to give me calendar's for some reason..
 just da boyz 

(From Brother Vanderveeken's Facebook post today.)

After much pondering Elder Bybee and Elder Fillmore decided to re-arrange the name tags! Using their point system they feel justified in taking top spot.

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  1. I am so glad to have met you guys. Keep up the great work.