Monday, March 7, 2016


This week...has been dope!  We've seen a ton of miracles this week, and life's been good as a St. Thomas Missionary :)

To start off, during a weekly planning session Elder Fillmore and I took a look at our obedience.  We knew we were more obedient than a lot of the missionary's we knew, but idk we were talking and got on the subject of good versus great.  We knew we were GOOD missionaries...but I didn't wanna be just a good missionary...I didn't wanna have an average mission...I didn't wanna go home and tell people "Yeah, my mission was good."  

Idk...I wanted my mission to be sacred...a sacred time that I could look back on and honestly say, "For 2 years...I gave everything I had to the Lord..and I saw miracles, and made a difference."  I wanted my mission to be special...something I held close to my heart...

So we decided that we were going to change.  We wrote down ALL the things that we could improve on, down to like the smallest, most unimportant rule, and made a decision to follow it for 1 week.  EVERY RULE...period the end, no questions asked, that's it.  We deleted music that drew our thoughts from the Savior, we listened to Conference talks, we decided to keep a PERFECT morning and evening schedule, down to working out for 30 minutes, getting in the house by no later than 9 pm, EVERYTHING.  We made that commitment.  

Literally like 2 minutes after we had both committed to do that, we got a call from a former investigator, saying she wanted us to come over!  Which, honestly guys, NEVER happens!  We got another text from an investigator who had dropped off the map literally like 2 minutes later saying he wanted us to come over twice next week, and set specific appointments right there!  We then got a text from Devin, who let us know everything was still good for his baptism on Saturday and he was watching a church movie!  

That night we set a baptismal date for the end of this transfer, doubling the standards of excellence per transfer for baptisms!  

I have gained the strongest testimony of EXACT obedience...obedience brings blessings...exact obedience allows God to work miracles.  That has rung true this week in St. Thomas.  

We were blessed to see Devin baptized on Saturday!!  I just absolutely love baptisms...what a humbling experience, to be able to play a small part in someone's progress towards the Celestial Kingdom.  I have the strongest testimony that this work matters...that missions are SO important!  God has blessed the St. Thomas Ward, and we are so grateful and humbled to be able to serve here!  

The spirit has been so strong this week, leading us in the direction we need to go!  This week our lessons have been so powerful, the Spirit has truly ministered unto us, and confirmed the words we speak in the hearts of our investigators.  On Friday we happened to run into another investigator we hadn't been able to contact for a while, and she set up an appointment for tonight, saying she was now ready to make some changes in her life!  We are so unbelievably excited for the miracles coming to St. Thomas!  

It has been such a blessing to serve a mission, and even greater today, to be able to give my all to the Lord for the time while I'm 19.  A whole year of my life that I can say for that full year, I dedicated it to the God I love.  

My mission has become sacred...truly there is no greater joy than bringing souls unto Christ...seeing the changes the Lord works in the hearts of those we teach has brought me greater joy than words can express. my mission.  I love it.  It has come to mean so much to me...These people are God's children...sometimes disguised under the filthy robes of Satan...what a blessing to be able to help people shed their burdens...give their sins to the Savior...repent and come unto Christ!  These times are moments I wish would never end.  Truly, as the Lord taught Joseph Smith, "How great shall be your joy over one soul that repenteth!"  

It has truly been a blessing to serve in the Canada Toronto Mission! :)  I heard a quote the other day that made me laugh, and have a bit of pride for the CTM ;)  

From Elder Ballard, in a mission conference

"The Lord sends boys to South America to baptize.

He sends boys to Europe to become men.

He sends Men to the Canada Toronto mission to become Apostles of the Lord."

Hahaha it made me laugh :)  Not that I have aspirations to become an apostle...hahaha noooo...not my thing ;)  But just a bit of pride for the CTM, as we do have quite a number of General Authorities who served here ;)  

Elder Ballard
President Monson
Elder Oaks
Elder Callister
Elder Cawley

The list goes on ;)  Sorry can't help it, I'm just blessed to serve in the best mission in the world ;)  

I love you all.  This church is true.  Christ lives.  He knows us.  I love Him and know He loves each of us!  
Have a wonderful week and share the gospel!!

Elder Bybee

Dem baptism pics tho;)  

Cannonballing into the font!! ;)
baptism #3 baby:)

more Devin!  

learning how to do some drywall! 
nbd, just found a wolfpack in a house one day..
sooo...kinda bumped into a tree the other yeah that stunk..but everything's chill and whatnot;)  

First official picture of me at 19 years's a keeper, I know

Hahaha Bill's (Vanderveeken) birthday present to me!  A compass...cuz I have major problems with getting lost...

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  1. Elder Neal Maxwell is one of my favorite apostles and another to add to your list. I share your CTM pride!