Monday, April 4, 2016

Day of Pentecost a.k.a General Conference ;)

Man, where to even start???  The Spirit has truly poured out in abundance this weekend, and throughout the week.  

I guess I'll start with conference, since that's like all I've been thinking about the past week :)

Conference this weekend was truly Heaven sent.  The Music was angelic, the speakers were so inspired, and the Spirit witnessed over and over again the truth and divinity of this church.  How could one, after listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing that beautiful rendition of "Come Thou Fount" not be converted to this gospel? ;)  

My favorite talk came right at the very first, with my favorite General Authority, President Eyring.  That man, it seems, is always inspired to say exactly what my heart needs.  He testified of Jesus Christ, and his words sunk home.  This is His Church, this was His Conference.  Many times in life we can begin to wear down, and like President Erying shared, we can begin to fear that if we cannot strengthen again our testimony, we will falter and sink under the weight of Satan.  

Christ has promised us, however, many things that can help us to restore our testimonies to their former glory.

"Where two or three are gathered, there will I be in the midst of them, even will I be in the midst of you."  

"Draw near unto me, and I will draw near unto you."  

What powerful promises!  The Lord, Jesus Christ, has promised that His presence can be felt as we gather together to experience the wonderful power of the Holy Ghost, testifying and teaching us of our Savior Jesus Christ, for that is His ultimate and Divine Purpose.  It is little wonder, then, that the prophets and apostles counsel over and over again to chose wisely our friends, for the Holy Ghost cannot dwell in unholy places.  

The other reference was to the fact that Christ has promised as we draw near unto Him, He will draw near unto us.  How do we draw near unto Christ?  As President Uchtdorf so beautifully taught, it is through Obedience.  
"Obedience helps us discover what we're truly made of."
"Obedience is the liberating path of our divine destiny."

Obedience best comes when we first understand that is is out of love for the Savior, that we should strive to act.  Duty is fine.  Obligation is better than disobedience.  But love for the Savior as we follow Him will allow our hearts to be changed, and to become more like His.

I also learned a very tender lesson from President Uchtdorf regarding lost sheep...

"The Sheep is worthy of rescue,
simply because he is loved."

I know...without a doubt...that is true.  

I testify, that Jesus Christ lives...He lives.  He is MY Savior.  He is my Shepherd, and I love Him...I love Him.  I have come to gain a great deal of tenderness...for Him.  In realizing more and more each day just what He did for me...not because I deserved it out of anything I did...rather I became worthy of His rescue because of what He did.  

That truth hit home for me while listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing "Come Thou Fount", my all time favorite hymn.  
For, aren't we all prone to wander?  How many times have we strayed from the God we love?  And many times does the Lord leave the find us?  How many times does He rescue us?  How often do we feel that desire to lay give up...yet, each time...He reaches down, and picks us up.  

These experiences in my own life have given me a testimony that has transformed from a belief into a knowledge of truth that words cannot adequately express.  He. Lives.  Christ, my Savior, my Rescuer and my Redeemer, lives. He has saved me, from the times I wander.  And will continue to do so, each and every day.  

His power to heal is real.  It works.  As we draw near unto Him, it allows Him to draw near unto us.  For He will not save us against our will.  

I know that this is truly, God's church on the earth today.  I invite you all to seek to strengthen your own testimony of Christ.  He is "a sure foundation.  A foundation whereon if men build, they CANNOT fall."  

I love you all!:)  Have a blessed week.  

Elder Bybee

chilling with Bill and Bro Hodges

 golfing last week on P-day!:)

Getting in that General Conference Spirit

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