Monday, April 25, 2016

Life in the 519

Well, this week has been sweet!!  We worked super hard and got it done!  We were blessed to set 2 more baptismal dates this week and helped to reset another person with a more realistic one!  The Lord really has blessed the St. Thomas area :) :) We're making this ward into a stake, it's happening ;)

Loving life here really, Elder Fillmore is a complete stud, it's been a blast to be able to work with him.  Guys a stud, for any young ladies back home who might be interested in an attractive, worthy, stalwart, steadfast returned missionary when this guy gets home, keep him on your radar ;)  

We had a super cool miracle this week!  We're sitting in church, and in walks this random guy!  We go up after and talk to him and he just moved into town and wanted to find a church to go to, and this was the one that felt right!  We're meeting with him tonight, so we were super pumped! :) :)  

District Meeting on Friday was stressful but good :)  It's been super overwhelming, but I've really felt the Lord strengthen and support me through it.  I took the Tillsonburg Elders out on exchanges, and saw some more sweet miracles!  We got in contact with a lady one of the Tillsonburg elders taught when he served in St. Thomas a year ago, and was able to set up an appointment, give her a blessings and committed her to come out to church next week!  Life's just been sweet as we've just dived right in and got it done!

We were blessed to hit standards again this week, something Elder Fillmore and I have made a huge priority, and have seen great blessings from it.  We also did a lot of service too, so this week's been super busy!  

With a nice sunny day outside, we're hoping to hit the course and go golfing today :) :)  

This week I've really tried to focus on the Sacrament throughout the week.  Focusing on my baptismal covenants and my relationship with Jesus Christ.  It was such a spiritual week and Sacrament on Sunday was just the best.  When we take the time to reflect throughout the week on our covenants, repenting for those things we mess up on, and asking forgiveness each day, it makes that Sunday ordinance SUCH a blessing.  It was a piece of advice from a talk I read earlier this week, and decided to put it into practice.  I found a greater sense of peace and love from taking the time to focus on it each day.  I testify that the sacrament is the MOST important part of our week, and as we give it the respect it deserves.

I also testify that the Savior's sacrifice for us is real...His body was broken and bruised...His blood ran from every pore...for us.  Not because we did anything to deserve it...rather, simply.  He loves us.  And because He does...we are worthy of atoning for.  This is my testimony.  I know this is true.   

I love you all, and thank you so much for your thoughts and words and prayers to me!  I couldn't do it without you!  Please keep the St. Thomas area in your prayers! :)  Big things coming, and we need all the hosts of Heaven helping us accomplish the tasks ahead :)  

Much love from the North! :)

Elder Bybee

Straight Outta' St. Thomasss

A member's home in Port. Stanley.  It's gorgeous down there.

Elder Fillmore ;)

Sitting in the sun after service

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