Monday, April 18, 2016

Service with a Smile

Well, this week..was a week of service.  good stuff though.  builds character.  

We learned a valuable lesson this week about service as well!  For instance, we should follow the example of the Savior in having charity when we serve, and not just serving out of duty or obligation.  

We also learned that in following the example of the Savior, we should NOT do everything for those we serve.  Simply that which they cannot do on their own.  The Savior had many examples of this in the miracles and healings He performed.  He told the 10 lepers to make their way to the priest, to show them they had been healed, and as they went, they were healed.  In that time, in order to be pronounced clean, and re-admitted into society, a priest had to pronounce you clean.  As we see here, Jesus did not personally take them to the priest, or walk with them to the synagogue.  Instead, he told them to do what they could, and when they did, through His grace and power, they were healed.  

In the same way, we should seek to help others, by helping them to help themselves.  We should not take the responsibility off their shoulders to do their part.  We should lighten loads, and strengthen the feeble knee's, but to take upon ourselves their responsibility, we steal from them the right to learn, and to grow.  As I said, it was a valuable lesson this week.

This week it got pretty toasty, getting up to 25 C!  Summer's definitely coming, and we're looking forward to a lot of Monday afternoon golf games:)  It's also nice, because there's a lot more people out and about, so more people to talk to!  We're stoked to get it done!

We had a super cool miracle happen yesterday!  So we had planned to drop by this lady's house like forever ago, but things just kept coming up that got in the way.  So yesterday we set aside a specific time to drop by.  We did a lot of walking yesterday, cuz you can talk to more people that way, instead of being in a car all day driving from place to place.  We felt impressed to walk down a certain street, and we noticed a lady walking.  She was pretty rough looking, and, I admit, I was guilty of judging, but the Spirit told us we HAD to talk to we did...turns out it was that lady we were going to drop by!!  I had never met her before, she was a former investigator, and so it was super cool to see how the Lord lead us to her!  We set up a time to meet, and her little daughter LOVES us:):)  She was telling us how she reads her Book of Mormon Stories book every night, and loves it!:)  When she heard we were gonna drop by, she got so excited and was so happy for us to come over:)  It was a testimony to me that God knows His children, and will lead us to them when we listen to the whispering of the Spirit.  

Life's good, we had stake conference yesterday, which was cool:)

I had the opportunity to listen to Elder Bednar's concluding talk from October General Conference about lessons of a lifetime.  It was an amazing experience to hear the Spirit bear testimony to me as he spoke that not only was he an Apostle of the Lord, but each experience he shared about one of our beloved deceased Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ manifested the Spirit into my heart.  I wish to declare my witness that we indeed have a prophet on the earth today.  President Monson is His Chief Apostle.  I encourage any who may have experienced doubts about his ability or calling, due to his illness, to read Elder Bednar's talk entitled "Chosen to Bear Testimony of My Name".  While he does not speak of President Monson, it most definitely applies to him as well.  While President Monson is alive on the earth, the Lord still has a purpose for him here, there are still things the world needs to hear from his mouth.  We have seen on many occasions the past couple conferences the Spirit strengthening our beloved Prophet as he's born witness to us of gospel truths.  I encourage all to strive to strengthen their testimony of his sacred calling and office.  He bears the mantle of chief apostle, and leads this church as Jesus Christ's servant.  I testify these things to be true.  

Much love!
Elder Bybee

Straight Outta' St.Thomasss
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Just chillin in the car
bout to whack Elder Fillmore...with a lint roller.

Elder Fillmore's daily struggle to stay clean
Me last Sunday on you can see, it's quite a mental breakdown sort of night
my boy

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