Monday, May 2, 2016

Blessed Life in the Blessed Land

You ever felt pure joy?  I'm not taking about getting married having children kind of joy...I'm talking about pure joy ;)  

The joy of SEEING PEOPLE WALK INTO CHURCH!!!!  AHH man it's the best!!!  I just freaking love being a missionary, people!  We saw 6 people we're teaching come out to church this week, which was just phenomenal!  There was one person in particular who we weren't sure if she was gonna make it, but we prayed super hard, and things fell into place!  She's doing SO well, and it's been a blessing to work with her, she is growing and learning so much, and especially given her current situation, has such faith in the gospel and the Book of Mormon.  Ahh I just love these people :) :)  There is no greater joy to be found than helping others unite with their families for eternity, through following the example of Jesus Christ and being baptized.  Life is just beautiful when you spend it focused on others :)  Things just fall into place, and you stop worrying about yourself, and suddenly it doesn't matter if your tired, or if you don't feel good, cuz you're feeling the Spirit and you feel impressed to invite someone to be baptized and BOOM!!!! June 23rd, it's happening, and it doesn't matter that 2 seconds ago you felt like you were gonna fall over, cuz bang bang, people getting baptized, and you can't really complain ;)

This week we saw a very touching and special miracle.  We had a couple investigators who had fallen on hard times...and unfortunately, due to living conditions, would have had to move out west before they could get baptized.  So Elder Fillmore and I got together, and said a mighty prayer, and asked the Lord that if it be His will, He would provide a way for them to stay here in St. Thomas until they could get baptized.  That night we had dinner with a member and she asked about how our investigators were doing.  We mentioned that we were pretty bummed that those two investigators would be moving out of town the next day...she stopped, and looked at us and said "Well why don't they just stay here until they figure things out."

*Jaws instantly hit floor and refuse to function normally*

IT WAS INSANE MAN!!!  Like I have never seen that quick of an answer to prayer, and in such a miraculous way.  We weren't even aware that she was willing to do that, we were just bummed that things hadn't worked out, and then BOOM!  The Lord comes in and Slam Dunks a miracle right on our plate!  It was just SOOO sick!!  

I love St. Thomas :)

So now, we're getting them married, and they're getting baptized this month :)  
"Ask and ye shall receive."

I testify that scripture is true...

Lately I've really just been trying to go out and give each day my all...I'm feeling more and more how limited my time is here in St. Thomas...really like I get super stoked and everything...but these people...I just love them...I've read and reread the story of Ammon, desiring to remain with the people of King Lamoni...I feel very much like him in that regard...because I truly do love these people so much.  They are so special and so full of light.  There are people here who SO desperately need the gospel, and so many people who are ready to accept it!  

I hope that somehow, Heavenly Father will let me stay here...but if not...there will ALWAYS be a special place in my heart here...these are good people...and I love them.  

I testify that our Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of the world lives.  He died for me..and for each person on this earth.  He suffered the pains and afflictions of us all..He was wounded for our transgressions...He was bruised for our iniquities.  
Yet with His stripes, We are healed.  
I testify this to be true.  I have felt His divine hand in my life, and have experienced the matchless and indescribable healing power of the Atonement.  Jesus Christ is not just my Savior, and King.  He is my Friend.  I love Him.  I serve here in St. Thomas because I love Him.  And through Him, and seeing through His eyes, I have come to love in a small way, as He did.  He is my Master, and I choose to follow Him, because I love Him...and because He took the time to find me...and bring me back to Heavenly Father.  

I love you all.  Never forgot your Divine each have individual worth.  To those who may have wandered astray of the path, 


You are worth saving, simply because you are loved.  By Him, and many others.  

Elder Bybee

Straight Outta' St. Thomasss
bout to drop a fire mixtap rn

oh ya know, just posting up for some service opportunities

Elder Fillmore in action;)

just some casual pics

golfing day (aka Monday)  nuff said.  

the wall of shame...sports gets violent sometimes..
bill, bill, and more bill

posting up on Wellington, handing out those Books of Mormon
more service;)

posting up with a quite beautiful tie.
ps, don't hate on the hair...i'm getting it fixed this week...the lady forgot to cut the top and so it's super's getting fixed today..

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