Monday, May 9, 2016


Man, so big news!!  Tuesday we got a call, and what do you know??!  We're having a son!!  Elder Johnson got here from Calgary, Alberta on Thursday, and so President asked us to train him until he gets to the MTC.  Yep...that's right...hasn't even been to the MTC!  He's a stud though, the guy's an animal!  I remember how I was in the MTC, and this guy is KILLING IT!!!  He's gonna be a great missionary.  He was actually called to the Czech Slovak mission, but due to his passport and visa issues, he'll be serving here in St. Thomas until he gets things figured out!  Which should be in like July!  So it's been sick serving in a tripanionship!  Life's good :) :)

This week we were blessed with SOOO many miracles.  Chief among them would be an experience we had with 2 of our investigators getting baptized next week!  So we were planning on getting them married so things could progress with baptism.  however, complications arose that would prevent them from getting married before their baptismal date.  So we encouraged them to talk to the bishop and that night i knelt down and prayed for another miracle...

Sunday morning comes, and they come up to me and tell me that they're going to stop living together so they can get baptized next week, because it's more important for them to be baptized..

It was just soooo humbling to see the changes they've made in their lives, and the depth of the Spirit that they're feeling as they've grown closer to the Lord.  They truly have come to understand what it means to trust in the Lord and to put Him first, and they're seeing an outpouring of the Spirit that is changing their lives so much for the better.  Truly I love this work, and I love St. Thomas.  These people are so prepared...and willing to come unto Christ!  I love it and I love being a missionary :) :) :)  

I can honestly testify this work is divinely inspired...there is NO way the Church would see as much success in missionary work as it does unless this work was instituted by Divine Authority.  I testify that it was, and that it continues to be led by our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.  He is all that He was sent to be, and more.  He lives, Brothers and Sisters.  I am a living witness that He does live, and I, as have many others, have been called to declare those unalterable truths here in the blessed land of Canada.  It is truly a beautiful filled with many people humbly seeking the truth. 
I testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God.  His divine mission was commissioned by Jesus Christ Himself.  He appeared to the boy prophet, and revealed through him the simple and sweet truths of the restored gospel; that families are forever, that baptism is essential and possible for all willing to humble themselves before the Savior, that the priesthood was and is restored through that young Joseph Smith, and that because of Christ...all can make it back to the presence of the Father.  I testify these things to be true!


Elder Bybee

Straight Outta' St. Thomasss
just chilling like villains ;)  

at the "mansion" with the AP's and Zone Leaders!  it's madness in there...

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