Monday, June 27, 2016

More Saints in the Falls

Man where to even start!  This week has just been great!  Yesterday we saw Keevin enter the waters of baptism!!!!  What a spiritual day, and just filled with the love of the Savior.  It's humbling to be a part of such a big step on someone's eternal progression.  I know the Savior was with us that day. 
This week has been super busy, it's that time in the month, so we have to collect a TON of information on reporting and things, which can take upwards of 5 hours just to collect and get formatted and that wasn't too fun...there's nothing worse than sitting in a computer lab for 5 hours calling missionaries and typing stuff into an excel spreadsheet....especially when all you wanna do is go out and teach, but hey, we all have to do our time;)  after that, we had mission vision survey, another 2 hours reporting on the obedience of the missionaries in our zone, so that was also just a bundle of joy.  BUT, we did it and got it all figured out, thank the heavens. 

Despite all the reporting, we DID get to go out and see some miracles this week!  We were blessed to find some more super prepared people, which is always super exciting!!  We're hoping to see another couple baptisms coming soon in July, so that's exciting as well! 

Earlier in the week we met with one of our recent converts, and found out she has decided to go on a mission!!!!!  Ahh, it was so exciting!!!!  She started her papers on Sunday, so we're super excited to see how things go!

This Tuesday is when President Shields comes in, so we're all super excited for that!!!  I know he'll be exactly what the mission needs. 

On Friday night we had a rare opportunity to scare the daylights out of a couple missionaries...we never pass up those opportunities, they are indeed tender mercies;)

The works going well, everything's just going well!  Life's busy and I love it:):)  Love the Lord and love His work:)  transfers are coming up this week, so we'll be sad to see Elder Ellis go.  But stoked for the things to come:):) 

I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  I've had another witness from the spirit this week testifying to me that he is indeed a prophet of God.  Read the Book of Mormon to find out for yourself. 

I love you all!!

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"

Monday, June 20, 2016

The persecution is real ;)

Hahaha so, I'd like to start off this week with a funny story of how I got persecuted by a random motorist ;)
Walking down King Street in Downtown Hamilton is like walking Downtown Chicago sometimes, lemme tell yah.  You meet some interesting folks down there.  So we're walking down the street, it's like 40 degree's Celsius outside, yeah, baking hot.  We're dying of sweat, almost to our car, when Elder Ellis stops right in front of this puddle on the road and says, you're gonna get splashed...

Me, being the person that I am, continue walking right past the puddle, just as this big 12 passenger van drives by, swerves to hit the puddle, and drenches me head to toe in dirty hot street water...

Yep...just like you seen it in the movies.  So that was a nice mid afternoon tender mercy from the Lord ;)  Needless to say, I'm listening to Elder Ellis from now on ;) 

This week we had our last zone conference with President Clayton, and man, it was hard...I did not expect for it to be such an emotional time.  I'm sorry, I just have to say, if your mission president gets called to be a general authority, you know there's something special about him.  He's really just helped me out so much, and ahh, just talking with him brings you closer to the Savior.  That guy exudes love like it's sweat or something.  It was pretty hard for me, but I know he's got greater callings to attend to and I know President Shields will be exactly what the mission needs right now.  He gets here on the 28th of June.  So we're all pretty excited for that!!! 

Saturday there was a YSA multi-stake soccer tournament, which was SICK, there were a lot of our investigators who made it out to that and it was sweet to be able to see how the YSA really fellow-shipped all of them.  Elder Ellis got FRIED, and I got pretty sunburned too, but not too bad.  Overall we're good. 

We have a baptism again this week, Keevin will be getting baptized this Sunday, we're stoked!!!  He's SO solid, and just a celestial guy, so prepared to hear and accept the gospel. 

I also got news that one of the people I taught back in St. Thomas is getting baptized this week too!  That was a pretty sweet thing for me to hear.  She's just super awesome and deserves the best life.  It's always a blessing to see those you interact with take steps closer to the Savior. 

Well that's pretty much it for this week!  Life's good, staying on my toes;) 

I leave you with my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith.  I know he truly restored the true church back onto the earth.  I know he saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.  Study the "fruit" of the prophet and his works, and it will testify of truth.  The "fruit" is the Book of Mormon.  I know it to be God's word today.  It has brought me more peace, and more direction in this life than any other book.  It's words testify of Jesus Christ.  Anyone earnestly seeking to know if this church truly is everything it claims to be has to simply read it and pray.  The Lord will reveal to those with real intent that it is indeed His Church.  I encourage everyone to make the prophet Joseph a subject of study.  Study his works, study his teachings, study the history of the church.  You will find in every instance, the Spirit witnessing that truly this man was called of God.  Bear testimony often that he was a prophet.  I know that he was a prophet. 
I leave you that testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all!
Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
Zone Conference! 

Elder Ellis and I stuck in traffic for 2 hours....not fun...

Soccer Tournament with YSA.  We're burnt
Elder Ellis' solution to sunburns
dinner at ikea-BDE
companion study is bae
Niagara falls with the zone!

the falls!

The zone:) 

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Life

This week has been sweet!  We saw so many miracles this week!  the biggest would be one of our investigators, who came out to church last week, and already has a baptismal date for June 26th!  The guy is literally SOOO prepared, it's nuts.  He's got a crazy story, but really has come to find his way.  It's been such an honour working with him.  we've met with him like 5 times this week, and taught him most of the lessons.  It's been crazy!  We also saw 8 investigators out at church this week!  The Lord is blessing us so so much with so many miracles, it's just been the greatest experience this week.  People are truly being prepared in EVERY part of the world.
This Wednesday we have our last Zone Conference with President's gonna be an emotional one that's for sure...he's definitely made such an impact on me personally, I've come to learn so much from him and he's taught so me so much.  I just love that guy.  

So I had a pretty cool experience this week.  We have the pretty sweet opportunity to go on exchanges with the assistants once a transfer.  I got to go on exchanges with Elder Forsyth.  Man, that guy is NUTS!!!  Literally the funnest day I've ever had in the mission.  that guy literally talks to EVERYONE.  He's like rolling down the windows at stoplights, hoping out of the car and running over to the sidewalk to talk to people, stopping people in cars, it was NUTS!!!  SO crazy, we talked to so many people that day, it was SO sweet.  It was a huge learning experience for me, that i seriously have SO much to work on...honestly every exchange we go on is like that...i learn so much from other missionaries and their efforts, i love it.  I still feel pretty overwhelmed about everything, but it's been a huge growing process for me.  I'm so excited to see how the area will progress over the next couple months, it's lighting up right now!  We should have 2 more baptisms before the end of this transfer and quite a few next!  The Lord's preparing people today!  

I know this church is true.  The lord will provide us with ways to overcome all trials.  

I love you all!!

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
p-day pics



just a day out on lake erie;)  

Elder Ellis's calendar.


Monday, June 6, 2016

The Buses....

Man this week has been Sweet!!!  we've seen sooo many miracles, life is just going swell;)

The big city of Hamilton...despite it's fill of crime and mental health and immorality, is growing close to my heart.  Working with the YSA has been such a blessing.  it's truly been humbling to see how willing and accepting these young people are...I'm not sure if I would have been the same had I not been born into the church.  They truly experience so much opposition from everything and everybody, but they just keep on keeping on.  It's strengthening my testimony so much. 

Hahaha, so I got to go Bus contacting this week, which was an experience.  We traded car keys for Bus passes on Saturday, because you can contact more people when you're not spending all your time sitting in the car.  It was, quite the experience.  Very new to me, to walk onto a bus, pick someone, and just walk up and sit down and start teaching them about the gospel.  It's perfect too, cuz they can't get away from you;);)  Hahaha no, but it was a very new thing for me, and I was quite terrible at it.  You also get people who will just mouth you off and scream at you in front of everybody, and you just say have a nice day and move down the bus to the next person!  It's the most intense form of contacting I've ever done...but I love it!!  Your hearts pumping, and you're nervous as heck, but you don't care and you're having the time of your life, it's just freaking sweet!!! 

We saw so many miracles.  President in an MLC meeting mentioned that we have a unique opportunity to see miracles, and the Lord will bless us with increased success at times, because of the time constraint we have in collecting reports and all the billion meetings we go to.  I've seriously seen that to be SO true.  Back in St. Thomas people NEVER walked up to us and asked us if they could learn more.  Here, it's happened at least 3 times this week.  People just walk up to us and ask us to teach them, it's nuts!!!  I've never felt the hand of the Lord more than I have this week, He's truly preparing people to receive our message.  The Zone saw a mirror of our success as well, everyone's seeing miracles here in Hamilton, it's been amazing!

I truly know this work is inspired.  I love this work.  I am so unbelievably grateful I still have over a year left to share this unique and life changing message.  This has been the best decision I have ever made, I've learned so much and truly felt of His love for me and those I teach.  The Lord is preparing people in EVERY part of the earth to receive His message.  He is coming soon and I love Him. 


Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
Elder Ellis and Elder Steed.

Dinner with Emily and Grilled favorite:)

My last picture with President and Sister Clayton...*tears*

the Farmington boys!!!

Elder Ellis and I binging on junk food before going on a month fast from day ever
Needless to is HOT here...stick to your skin hot..

Hamilton from afar

THE HAMMER!!!!  That's the zone name;)
first thing I saw when I got here...some days it's true...

The Burlington District!! 

doing MCC's.....officially the WORST thing ever
MY BOY ANDREW!!! he's a stud. 

My last days with Elder Allred (from like 3 weeks ago)

Dave and Liz's BAPTISM!(From like 3 weeks ago)

Eric's baptism!(from last week!)