Monday, June 6, 2016

The Buses....

Man this week has been Sweet!!!  we've seen sooo many miracles, life is just going swell;)

The big city of Hamilton...despite it's fill of crime and mental health and immorality, is growing close to my heart.  Working with the YSA has been such a blessing.  it's truly been humbling to see how willing and accepting these young people are...I'm not sure if I would have been the same had I not been born into the church.  They truly experience so much opposition from everything and everybody, but they just keep on keeping on.  It's strengthening my testimony so much. 

Hahaha, so I got to go Bus contacting this week, which was an experience.  We traded car keys for Bus passes on Saturday, because you can contact more people when you're not spending all your time sitting in the car.  It was, quite the experience.  Very new to me, to walk onto a bus, pick someone, and just walk up and sit down and start teaching them about the gospel.  It's perfect too, cuz they can't get away from you;);)  Hahaha no, but it was a very new thing for me, and I was quite terrible at it.  You also get people who will just mouth you off and scream at you in front of everybody, and you just say have a nice day and move down the bus to the next person!  It's the most intense form of contacting I've ever done...but I love it!!  Your hearts pumping, and you're nervous as heck, but you don't care and you're having the time of your life, it's just freaking sweet!!! 

We saw so many miracles.  President in an MLC meeting mentioned that we have a unique opportunity to see miracles, and the Lord will bless us with increased success at times, because of the time constraint we have in collecting reports and all the billion meetings we go to.  I've seriously seen that to be SO true.  Back in St. Thomas people NEVER walked up to us and asked us if they could learn more.  Here, it's happened at least 3 times this week.  People just walk up to us and ask us to teach them, it's nuts!!!  I've never felt the hand of the Lord more than I have this week, He's truly preparing people to receive our message.  The Zone saw a mirror of our success as well, everyone's seeing miracles here in Hamilton, it's been amazing!

I truly know this work is inspired.  I love this work.  I am so unbelievably grateful I still have over a year left to share this unique and life changing message.  This has been the best decision I have ever made, I've learned so much and truly felt of His love for me and those I teach.  The Lord is preparing people in EVERY part of the earth to receive His message.  He is coming soon and I love Him. 


Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
Elder Ellis and Elder Steed.

Dinner with Emily and Grilled favorite:)

My last picture with President and Sister Clayton...*tears*

the Farmington boys!!!

Elder Ellis and I binging on junk food before going on a month fast from day ever
Needless to is HOT here...stick to your skin hot..

Hamilton from afar

THE HAMMER!!!!  That's the zone name;)
first thing I saw when I got here...some days it's true...

The Burlington District!! 

doing MCC's.....officially the WORST thing ever
MY BOY ANDREW!!! he's a stud. 

My last days with Elder Allred (from like 3 weeks ago)

Dave and Liz's BAPTISM!(From like 3 weeks ago)

Eric's baptism!(from last week!)

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