Monday, July 11, 2016

Breaking news, Niagara Falls now resides in Elder Bybee's nose

Yep, so basically this week....hasn't been the greatest.  Only because I've spent 6 out of the 7 days blowing my it possible to blow your nose so hard it falls off?  Or to drown in snot?  These questions have been weighing on my soul this past week, so if someone could please provide me some insights, my eternal salvation would greatly appreciate it.  To illustrate, here is a picture of my current condition.'s good in Hamilton.  

Now, despite being extremely sick and having watery eyes that make it look like your crying 24/7, this week's been pretty good!  Life's good, and things are going well!  We were able to set another baptismal date this week.  My new comp is a stud, he's super chill but really hard working, so that's been pretty cool to see!  We had a meeting with President Shields on Thursday that was just awesome, so much revelation!  It was so cool to see how quickly the mantle of leadership fell on his shoulders.  He just took it and ran with it.  He's got so much fire and it's just exciting to see where the mission will be a year from now!  

This week I saw small miracles, mostly in being sustained despite the constant flow of snot running out of my nose.   The Lord helps us out in the small ways, and I know He was helping me out this week, that's for sure.  Things have been super busy lately, but in a good way, so if I don't respond to all of your emails, I apologize..:/

Life's just been crazy...this week we'll have exchanges with the assistants again, and Zone Council tomorrow, so I'm praying I can control this snot problem long enough to get through it without embarrassing myself in front of the zone.  But hey, these things happen.  

It's been an opportunity this week, the Lord has stretched me in a lot of ways, I've been pretty humbled this week, and really come to understand what the Lord means when He says "I give unto men weakness, that they may be humble."  It's been a good lesson for me to learn, and to recognize that each opportunity to grow comes directly from the Lord as a gift.  Each experience we have in life is a gift from God, giving us chances to develop the qualities and Christ-like attributes we pray for.  I've come to learn that if you pray for Charity, the Lord is going to give you opportunities and situations to exercise charity.  We learn through experience.  That was the objective in coming to earth.  I know that humility is a strength, and will be a defining characteristic in our return to Heavenly Father one day.

I love you all!  Pray for my nose.

Elder Bybee

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