Monday, July 25, 2016

Lessons I learned as a Hamilton Missionary

Alright folks, life lessons learned this week, that's for sure.  Life is Hamilton does that to ya I guess. 
Overall, things are decent though!  The Weeks just don't stop flying by, it's getting crazy...not down.  but anyway. 
This week has taught me a lot about my own personal weaknesses and challenges.  I mean, I knew I had a lot of them...what I didn't know was just HOW many, and how weak I really was in those areas.  I've learned a lot about responsibility, and stepping up to the plate.  Back home I had a habit of dodging things like that, and so it's been a great life lesson for me personally.  I do know now, that whom the Lord calls, He qualifies.  There just seems to be a whole lot of qualifying that needs to be done in my case;)  Hahaha, nah it hasn't all been bad!  We've really been able to help a lot of people out, and just serve those around us, including the missionaries.  I've learned a lot about charity and Christlike service.  I've come to understand that weaknesses are indeed blessings from the Lord.  We are blessed to recognize and understand that God calls the weak to do mighty works among His children.  Each recognized weakness humbles us, and allows the Lord to make something good out of something bad.  He is talented that way;) 
We all have opportunities to humble ourselves, rather than to be compelled to be humble.  I can testify from personal experience, that choosing Door #1 is better, trust me;)  These opportunities bring us closer to Him, as we put our lives in His hands, asking Him to make us into something better.  The most beautiful part of the Atonement in my opinion, is the striking fact that,

Because of Him,
we don't have to be who we've always been. 
I know this spiritual truth to be real and eternal.  Christ works in such a way, that the weak and humble become something more, through His grace and mercy.  He lifts us up, and builds us stronger.  We need not suppose that we will always be weak.  We are only truly weak when we abandon our God, in pursuit of something we deem to be better.  God in His love for us, has given us agency.  With that agency, He has given us a promise that He will grant unto us, according to our desires.  If we desire Him, we will find Him.  If we desire worldly pursuits and temporary pleasures, we can have those too.  This life, ultimately, is a time for us to decide what we desire most.  If we desire God, truly and completely, we will find Him.  That is the promise.  God is bound to keep His promises.  I know these things to be true. 
So, to relate these two truths together.  If we desire to try to correct our weaknesses on our own, that's exactly what we'll get.  If we think we can figure things out on our own, God will not impose His help upon us.  When we come to Him in humility, and ask Him to take something bad, something terrible, something broken...and make it better, He will!  Absolutely, irrevocably.  Every single time.  He is bound.  I know these things to be true. 
It is not bad to be weak.  We are never truly weak when we stand with God.
In the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
The buzzed head

 pizza night
service with a smile
 trying to juice up our watermelon.  didn't work...
The following are photos that an awesome YSA member sent me of Cale last week. She stated that him and his companion like to take selfies with her phone whenever they are visiting her and proceeded to send me 17 photos!!!! They are awesome! Enjoy! Thank you Emily Slatter!!!!



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