Monday, July 18, 2016

The Cleanse

Well, this week's been packed!  We had 3 exchanges this week, back to back.  I went to St. David's for the day and saw some more of my converts from the beginning of my mission.  Love that place.  Elder Cruz is a brand new missionary in our zone, and he's just awesome:) 
The next day we went up to Brampton for exchanges with the assistants.  Those are always such a learning experience for me personally.  The Spirit really is with those elders so much in helping President run the mission and guide it in the direction it needs to go.  I always learn a lot:):) 
After that, I took Elder Crye back to Hamilton for an exchange!  He's an awesome missionary as well, he knows sign language and is super smart!  He's a good guy. 
We've seen some miracles this week in the Lord supporting us in our righteous endeavors.  We have an apartment inspection tomorrow, and our apartment apparently hadn't been cleaned in a LONG we cleaned it top to bottom.  Which was quite the experience.  7 black trash bags full of garbage...and we still have some stuff to go through, it's just ridiculous.  As the lord says...
"My house is a house of order."  Hahaha but we made sure to have fun doing it anyway:) 
We met some awesome people this week, people who really need the gospel, and are in a position to accept the message.  It's been so fulfilling to work with the YSA, I've really found that I see a lot of myself in these people as we meet them. 
Probably the most exciting thing this week has been in talking with our Recent Convert of about 3 weeks, Keevin, about a mission!!!:):)  Man I am seriously not worthy to have taught this guy, he is seriously like celestial.  2 days after he was baptized, he's asking us about how to go on a mission.  the gospel has literally changed him, it has been so humbling to watch.  The spirit is just always with that guy, it's SO awesome!!!  He started studying Preach My Gospel without us even telling him what it was or how to find it, he just found it somehow!!  The guy's just so awesome, and it's been so spiritually rewarding for me to be able to work with him.  That scripture in Alma that talks about "how great will be your joy" really has come to mean a lot to me.   We have 2 other recent converts working towards their papers as well, one will finish hers in 2 weeks here pretty soon, so I'm praying I get to stay to see it opened!!  Ahh, I love mission calls.  It makes me sad that I'll only ever have that experience once..
Overall, things are great:)  I love the Lord and love the mission:)  Wouldn't be anywhere else:):) 
I love you all!!
Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
Elder Cruz and I

me sleeping during P-day
axe bombing the downtown elders...

Nose strips for comp unity
Curry...LOVE curry


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