Monday, August 22, 2016

A week of pranks

Man, this week has been sick!!  Hahaha my new companion Elder Nugent is a riot.  We've had so much fun this week!  It's just been a crazy time!  Things are just hilarious and great!  We've had so much fun talking to everyone this week, no matter where we were.  Rolling down the window at the stoplight, talking to people in stores and restaurants.  This was all a result of the visit from ELDER BALLARD!!!  Yes, THE Elder Ballard came to visit our mission, and the one thing he kept talking about over and over again was just talking to everyone.  He made us a promise as a mission that if we would talk to at least 10 people outside of regular contacting, lessons, and members, etc, that we would see a rise in baptisms in our mission.  We've applied that this week, and set a date with one of our investigators for next month!  We've set a goal as a companionship to have 3 baptisms this transfer, and we know that as we go out and just open our mouths, the Lord will make that possible for us.  That includes on P-day as well, in the stores, everywhere!  I'm thoroughly convinced that you find the most solid people on P-day haha.  It's true though.  So anyway! 

The Spirit's just been really strong this week as we've worked to help the missionaries around us learn how to have fun on the mission.  As a mission, we're really obedient, but the missionaries struggle with having fun on the mission!  So we've done a bunch of crazy things to help us all just have more fun as we do the work.  We've definitely seen results in just all around happier, more effective missionaries.  Cuz, like...what's the point of doing stuff if you're not gonna be happy doing it?  And if you're not happy doing something, then find a way to make it fun:)  The Lord doesn't want our service to him to be miserable or boring.  He wants us to be happy!!  He wants us to find joy in His service, in whatever capacity that may be.  So have fun!  Make it enjoyable!  Make obedience to His commandments fun and exciting!  Don't drag yourself to church, or to scripture study, or to fulfill your home or visiting teaching assignment.  Make it an enjoyable spirit, and then take time to pause as the Spirit flows in your service, and thank Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve.  Elder Anderson, one of my best friends, put it best. 

"I always had the wrong attitude that If I went on a mission Heavenly Father and the Lord would be grateful for my service, but oh how much I have to thank THEM for their service to me!"

Heavenly Father blesses us with opportunities to serve.  There's a quote that I've come to love so much. 

"If you want to know the Lord, go to work for Him." 

I can testify that the best way to come to know the Savior, is to go work for Him.  Go out and serve Him today.  Go find someone who needs the influence of the Savior, and just be their friend.  They don't always need an invitation to come to church.  Just be their friend.  Just love them, and in doing so they will feel the love of the Savior through you.  I know that to be true. 

I love you all!

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"

Elder Nugent and I at Elder Ballard's talk!

This massive light up cross in Hamilton
Hamilton at night
In the Bat-Cave
Teaching some Investigators
 Birthday party on p-day for Elder Bertagnolli


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