Monday, September 19, 2016

Another transfer almost gone...

Man can I get like a remote for life?  Or even just like a universal pause button?  Cuz man...I am NOT down for all these days just whizzing by. 
On top of that, this week's gonna be CRAZY!  But I'm getting ahead of myself here. 

This week, man lemme tell ya...has been so sick!!!  We've just been seeing crazy spiritual experiences left and right!  I'll start with the best, and most important one....

WE GOT A BAPTISM COMING UP ON SUNDAY!:)  Man, so gotta say, crazy story.  We've been teaching this guy named Hayden, and ever since we met him we felt like he could be baptized on September 25th.  But like, it didn't even make sense, cuz he had a lot of obstacles to hurdle.  But there we are, after church having a lesson, and the Spirit just comes in like a freight train!!  It was crazy!  Literally so tangible and real you could've cut it up and served it for dinner, straight up.  So we invite him....and he just takes a big sigh, and says, "I wanna say yes really bad."  So we asked why.  And he's all like "Cuz I just know this is true."

And there you have it, we committed him to be baptized next Sunday:) 
Now there's a catch...his family, who he's currently living with is not very tolerant of the Mormon faith.  So if you could take time this week to Pray for Hayden, that would be awesome:)  It'll all be good:) 

This week I've really taken time to reflect on the Atonement.  It's interesting in Alma 7 the words Alma uses to describe the Atonement.  Specifically it says "He will take upon Him death", "He will take upon Himself the sins of His people". 

The meaning behind the word take is striking.  To take something implies that it (the object, or in this case, the sin) cannot be owned or held by more
than one person.  Only one person can own the sin.  It's interesting to further note the line in the hymn "I Stand All Amazed" that states:

Sufficient to own, to redeem and to justify

Only one person can own our sins at a time.  Only He can Redeem, and Justify us.  If we repent, and ask for forgiveness, that also entails allowing Christ to literally take that sin from is no longer ours, we no longer hold responsibility for the punishment associated with that sin.  That includes the mental anguish we sometimes put ourselves through when we mess up.  While that godly sorrow is there, it is there for a purpose.  It's purpose is to change the repenting sinner towards an understanding of his wrongs.  From there, we come to understand that we cannot rid ourselves of these feelings on our own.  We have desperate need of a Savior, a Perfect Redeemer who will take from us what we cannot. 

When that happens, when repentance is complete -and this is extremely important to understand- we no longer bear responsibility for that sin.  It is no longer ours. 

So when we are tempted to bring up old sins, or to allow Satan to make us feel as if we haven't fully repented, remember what Christ promised to do for us.  He will make us clean, He will take our sin upon Him, and He will pay that price.  He already has. 

I love you all! 

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
Temple trip with Eric, one of our recent converts!

typical day with Elder Nugent.  So being super weird all the time.
Elder Nugent attacking our car with a scrubber.  He's scary when he's cleaning;) 

 Zone Council!  
another typical day..being weird

more driving and weirdness.

doctors appointment....waited for a very...very long time.

Elder Myers commandeering my camera

I don't even know...just cuz

making our way downtown🎵

weird filters and such

Dinner with Keevin:)  

Elder Nugent ready to dine.  

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