Monday, September 12, 2016

I've seen fire and I've seen rain(spiritual fire and rain)

Heyo!  This week's been one for the record books, that's for sure!  We were even cut short a proselyting day due to Elder Arnold visiting literally ALL DAY (I'll get to that later), but we still had some awesome experiences! 

To start, with P-day being last Tuesday, this week has literally FLOWN.  Not down for it to be honest, I swear it gets worse every week.  Faster and faster and before you know it you're going Mach 3 to the end of your mission.  God's got a weird sense of humor that's for sure. 

We've been teaching some really prepared people!  We just found 3 people this week who ALL want to be baptized!  What are the odds?  Pretty dang good when the Holy Ghost is guiding!  Things are happening in Niagara YSA! 

My comp's dying this transfer (again).  That's 3 in a row now I've I'm super bummed to send him off...Elder Nugent's probably been one of my favorite companions.  We just have so much fun, and it's just really easy to find joy in the work with him haha:)  I'm hoping the good Lord will give me companion I can stay more than one transfer with haha.  We'll see though, we still got 2 weeks left! 

The Elder Arnold Experience
Man, holy Moses, learning from Elder Arnold was like trying to drink out of a firehouse!!  That was shooting boiling water!!  
He was just awesome.  The Spirit was SO STRONG as he spoke, and boy did he preach.  For 10 hours long!!!!  We got there at 7, and didn't leave til around 5.....yeah it was pretty nuts!  We had zone conference with half the mission, and then he stayed for MLC.  So that was pretty crazy!  So inspired though, he made a lot of adjustments and changes, and we're already seeing miracles from it.  I definitely know he was sent here for a reason! 

Some highlights!
-If you don't change as a result of this meeting, why are you here?
-Do the things you CAN do, every day.
-Buy your wife flowers often(very important)
-You cannot be selective in your obedience
-The past is gone, and you have been made clean.  Leave it be. 
-Am I who I portray myself to be?
-No high-fives in lessons(guilty)
-Repentance involves a change of attitude.

Definitely a high-intensity spiritual conference, that's for sure!  Got a lot of great things to work on, and we've seen success already in applying these principles. 

I love you all!  Have a great week:) 
Elder Bybee

"Find Joy in the Journey"
Penguin Tie Crew
 Pictures from Sister Slatter

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