Monday, September 26, 2016

Life's good in the ghetto

Well, yep.  He's dead.  Elder Nugent is dead.  Elder Herbert, who was in our zone last transfer, is coming up to chill in the YSA!  He's a stud, and we're gonna slay it this transfer.  Plus, he doesn't die til next transfer, so I won't have to kill another missionary (the church is true). 

This week has been like SO sick!  Highlight would definitely be the baptism on Sunday:)  Idk why but man the Niagara YSA branch is gaining so many solid recent converts, it's just awesome.  Hayden got baptized on Sunday, and gave probably one of the most powerful testimonies I've ever heard.  The Spirit was just filling the room, people were crying, Elder Nugent and I couldn't stop smiling the whole time, man, it was just sick!!!!  We had a relatively new investigator named Jordyn who came out to church, was crying the whole time cuz the Spirit was so strong, and on top of that the WHOLE Relief Society is now her new best friends.  Yep.  All like 20 of them.  So yeah, she came up to us, still crying and was like, "So, I'd like to get baptized now."  We were like, "You came to the right place":)  So she'll be getting baptized next month:) 

Got super sick this week, but I'm better now!  So don't worry, it's Gucci;) 
Hit 11 months left today...just doesn't stop does it?  That "going home depression" at an all time high right now 😒.  But it's chill.  I got ice cream, so we're good;) 

What can I say?  Life's good in the ghetto;)

I know without a doubt that Faith, Repentance, Living worthy of our baptismal covenants and enduring to the end are the simple truths of the Gospel, and really all we need to worry about if we intend to make it back home.  A serious and thorough study of the first principles of the gospel will do more in helping a person understand and apply the Atonement than most anything I've encountered.  I know without a doubt that it is those first principles and ordinances that connect us to the Atonement. 
Study the Lectures of Faith sometime if you get a chance...holy cow that stuff is deep. 

Anyway, I love you all!  Stay classy. 
Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"


Hayden's baptism!  Keevin, our recent convert, did the dunking:)  good stuff eh?;)

don't know what that thing is, just took a picture with it.

Elder Nugent's first of many dying photos

Elder Nugent dying.

Us being sick.

more dead people pictures in the China district

lol Elder Deweese, the greenest missionary in the zone.  love that guy

last death picture
hiking Albion falls!
fun fact, Hamilton is known as the City of Water falls, having the most water falls of any city in the entire world!  there ya go peeps;)

mo hikes

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