Monday, October 31, 2016

Another week in the Hammer

This week has been great!!  I love my companion and it's been a busy busy week.  It amazes me what I've been able to accomplish as I've allowed the Lord to mold and use me in the way He desires.  We accomplish so much in a week and always look back Sunday night and wonder how we did everything that we did.  Haha but we know why:)  #praisejesus

This week I had the hardest day in my mission.  One of our investigators who is getting baptized this weekend unloaded about half an hour's worth of Anti-concerns and questions she had found from reading a bunch of crap on the internet.  It was literally heart-breaking to watch someone who days before had such a light and glow about her countenance to now have hurt and anger and pain at the doubts which had now been placed into her mind concerning Joseph Smith and the reality of the Book of Mormon.  I think, deep down, when people experience anti, the first reaction isn't sadness, or even anger, but deep's pain and heartache...this message is so happy, and I think for people who are seriously investigating, they want this message to be true with ALL their hearts....and so to have things like this come hurts for them!  To FINALLY find something to believe in, that feels SO good and rings so true, only to have that fragmented and sometimes shattered by bitter and misguided people, from those of other faiths to former Bishops and Stake Presidents.  It's heart-wrenching to watch that happen in the faces of investigators. 

Thankfully, we had the Spirit and were able to help her REMEMBER how she's felt this whole time, and she's back on track now.  But it was sincerely and honestly the hardest day of my mission.  My heart see that amount of pain and heartache, especially, someone who needed this gospel to be true as much as she did...

We got in the car, didn't say a word.  Got home, and prayed.  I asked for a blessing from Elder Myers, who proceeded to, with restored Priesthood authority, pronounce a blessing on me that brought such a comfort to my soul, one that could only have come from God.  Elder Myers didn't know what had happened, I just asked him for a blessing.  But the promises he made through the Holy Ghost and by the authority of the Priesthood helped me to be okay and heal from that experience. 

I can't imagine...what our Heavenly Father must watch His Sons and Daughters go through such experiences, all over the world.  I testify with everything I have, that our Heavenly Father loves and cherishes us.  He aches for us when we struggle, and weeps when we weep.  I know that Heavenly Father knows perfectly how I feel.  and I am so grateful for a Savior and Redeemer whose heart has broken for me..I love Him, and know that He lives today.  He is near to each of us, and will heal our hearts. 

I love these people...I love them so much...I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for this opportunity to see His children as He see's them.  All are of worth in the eyes of the Father. 

I love you all:) 

Elder Bybee

"He Lives"

exchanges with Elder Tam:)

early morning basketball with the crew:)

gift basket of hope to our investigator who was struggling.

yes...that is a coconut.  she loved it.

First Album Drop: October 31, 2016

Featuring Elder Myers on beats and Elder Bybee on vocals and guitar. 

(You will need to access this on his blog. Please click on the top header link in your email. The 3 songs are to the side of the blog under a playlist titled "Music by Elder Bybee and Elder Meyers". You will not be able to access them via this email.)

Enjoy ;)

Monday, October 24, 2016


If you read Cale's latest post via email then you missed a VERY important addition to his post at the end of the email. A friend just told me it didn't show up and I know it's because it was too large to go through via email.

Cale sent a video that was so fun to watch and was a surprise to me!!!

Click on his post link that I have included and scroll down to the bottom to view the video on his blog.

Enjoy everyone!!!


What a week!

Well, where to even start?  It's been nuts this week!  The zone leaders were issued a challenge by the AP's to participate in a Zone leader Olympics, so we've been doing all sorts of crazy stuff this week for events and whatnot, it's been super fun!  We're currently in 2nd place right now, so please pray for us to win, so we can get the praise of man and general respect of everyone in the mission.  Word ;) 

Saturday was super fun, we went out and contacted around the center of the city on the biggest intersection, so that was pretty fun.  Found some sweet people to teach as a result, it was awesome :)  Elder myers does this crazy thing where he can beat box using snapping, clapping and hitting his chest, and it sounds super legit.  So that was pretty cool :) 

Jordyn's baptism is coming up, she's doing great :)  Found some awesome people to teach, overall life's going great :) 

I just want to bear testimony of the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ.  There are a couple new videos out on the website, featuring 5 apostles and 2 general authorities of the church.  There is 1 that speaks especially to the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ, entitled
"The Savior Understands Me" by Elder Holland.  If you haven't watched this video, go do it!!!!  It's supahotfire.  You can find it on youtube. 

I feel like I bear testimony of the Savior quite often, and sometimes feel as if maybe I should write on something else.  But without fail, each time the Holy Ghost just draws me back to this eternal truth: 

The Savior Jesus Christ lives. 

He truly understands me, on a deeply personal and individual level.  His love is complete and all-encompassing.  Many times we can feel tempted to diminish our worth, due to a number of things.  To name a few: sins and mistakes, mental illness, weaknesses or perceived failing, and or low self worth or image. 
Many times we begin to wonder if we were really worth saving.  Something to remember is that Salvation is a personal, intense and individual experience.  We all, at some point in our lives, have need to turn and face the Master.  Isn't it interesting, that the minute we sin, that we tend or sometimes begin to desire to run from the only person who can make it right?  Why do we run from the Savior, when He is the only being who can make restitution for our mistakes? 

The Lord Jesus Christ, our Master, deeply understands us.  He understands us not as an idea or concept, but as a person understands a person.  As one individual understands another.  He does not sympathize, He empathizes, because He has been there.  I testify that He understands me, and because of that, I do not have to carry a cross to Calvary, and bleed in a garden for my sins, or for the sins of others.  I don't have to do that.  What a testimony of the love of our Father in Heaven, that He would allow a Perfect Son, without sin or blemish, to pay the price for sinful and mortal children of His.  I love Him, and know that He lives today.  All things testify to this eternal and absolute truth.  He lives. 

I love you all:)   

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
From a far
The Crew
 Preferred contacting method of Saturday night ;)  Found 2 new people to teach doing it.  Enjoy ;)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Another week goes on

Nothing too exciting has happened this week!  Saw some cool miracles, found some sweet people to teach!  Life's pretty good right now:)

Jordyn and Tracey are preparing for baptism in a couple weeks!  They're awesome and we love them:)

We had a cool experience while on exchanges this week!  Elder Holt was here from Brampton, and we had gotten a referral from about a girl who apparently had a lot of questions.  Only problem was there wasn't a house number.  We literally had 5 minutes before we had to drive back to Brampton, so we decided we'd knock a couple doors and pray we would find here.  3rd and final door we knocked on, low and behold, there she was!  It was crazy because we literally parked right at her house!  Definitely a testimony builder that god knows exactly where His people are who are prepared to hear His message. 

I wish I had more to report haha....

We hung up Christmas lights in the Batcave, cuz Christmas is here;) 

Love Elder Herbert to death.  Man that guy is funny. 

The ysa love us here...we've had like 4 dinner appointments this week...which is monumental, lemme tell ya. 

It's getting cold, and I'm not down, but secretly I am cuz that means it's Christmas, and I love Christmas. 

Lol sorry this week's email was a little pointless.  I love you all!:) 


Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"

THEE Hamilton Zone:)  

me after an 8 hour meeting...
just chilling with the comp

sometimes elder Herbert gets a little childish.  love it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Canadian Thanksgiving eh? ;)

Well this week has been great!  Had some exchanges, taught some sweet lessons, found some solid new people to teach, it's been great! 

On a sad note....I have discovered this weekend that a missionary I have been living with for almost 12 weeks a Philadelphia Eagles fan....brothers and sisters, it is hard to describe the level of sadness and anger I had in that very was quite a traumatic experience for me...please pray for him to repent.  I have done so each day since discovering this sinful behavior. 

It does help to learn however, that the Cowboys won, while the Eagles lost this week;)  Also helps that the Cowboys are top of their division;)'s time to put the football away for now;) 

This being the day after Canadian Thanksgiving, it's appropriate to share what I'm thankful for:)
Without further adieu, and in no particular order;

scripture study
new people to teach
Jesus Christ
(wait, this all qualifies as food)
sweaters on a cold day
when the Cowboys win
when the Dodgers make it to the playoffs
Jesus Christ
days of bus contacting
living with 3 other missionaries
the Atonement
eternal families
warm socks
the sacrament
nice ties
emails from home
when members feed us pizza and ask what we want on it before they get it
solid recent converts who love the gospel
best friends
mission friends
Jesus Christ (THEE BFF)

I really don't have too much to say really!  We're doing a turkey bowl today, should be fun:)

Sometimes I think missionaries don't have enough fun on the mission. They kind of turn into the mission in a way??  They become the mission, and lose their personality in the process.  Missionary work is supposed to be fun!  What's more fun than teaching people about Jesus?!  Or talking to crazy people in downtown!  The mission has been so fun, and I've never been happier!  It's supposed to be fun!  In fact, it's the most fun when you're being obedient and doing what the lord wants!  True doctrine right there folks. 

Love you all!!!:) 

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
lookie lookie, what do we have here;)

the church is true, amen


special herbs, for Elder Herbert
(We got a letter from a member in Canada yesterday. I am putting it here along with the photos she sent.)
Hello Bybee Family,
We just had your son for dinner again and I thought I would send you a couple of pictures. I have been having him for dinner once a week even though he is not in our ward. He serves in the YSA in our building and I know they don't get fed much. We just love him so much. My little guy, Andrew, and him have really bonded. Tonight they exchanged ties. It was so cute. I have a son who is currently in the Mexico City MTC heading off to Uruguay in two weeks. It has been a tough time for me and feeding your son had made me feel better. You should be proud of him. He is a great missionary. My dad is the stake president and meets with the zone leaders on a monthly basis. He has always spoken very highly of your son. He works hard, keeps the rules and is a joy to have in our home. I just thought the pictures might brighten your day! We are taking care of your son! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 

Tha Hobbs family
(Sister Melissa Hobbs)
PS this is not his regular companion he was on exchanges with Elder Oldham. It was a fun dinner!!!


Monday, October 3, 2016

The GC Life

Gotta say, I think I speak for all missionaries when I say... there is NO conference like a general conference on the mission!  The Spirit's just all up in your face and you're writing stuff down so fast cuz the Spirit's talking at light speed and you're trying to tell Him to slow down but He just won't listen and it's super annoying!  Ahh, nothing better:)  

This week has been awesome!!  Elder Herbert is such a stud,  I love the guy:)  The Good Lord's blessed me with amazing companions on my mission, and I'm super excited for the upcoming transfer:)  He's from Mississippi, and no he doesn't talk like one haha;)  He does have a bit of an Australian accent though cuz he served with an Aussie comp!  so that's cool;)  

Idk what else to really talk about other than conference, so forgive me;)  
Favorite talk was by far Elder Yamashita's.  Spoke to me pretty powerfully and I just loved it:)  
we had a couple investigators come out and they loved it!!  Hayden was so stoked and loved every second of it:)  He'll be confirmed this Sunday:)  

Had a meeting on Friday that went really well!  President's super funny, man I love that guy.  He's so down to earth and I love him.

Not gonna lie, was a tad disappointed my prayers to have Elder Clayton speak weren't answered...that's okay though, next conference;)  

Singing "Called to Serve" always makes me cry and I hate it but it's whatevs.  

Idk if it's the prayers of family and friends back home or if God needs me to learn a lesson really quick, but I literally have not been able to put the scriptures down.  Right after work outs, during lunch, dinner, after planning at night til 10:30, idk what's wrong with me, but I just have this crazy insane desire to just study the scriptures all day!  

Some things I've learned;)
1. Alma the Younger is a very accomplished scientist.  His use of the scientific theorem and causation statements, particularly in establishing principles of truth, such as faith in Alma 32, is SUPER sick.  He has a vast knowledge of the earth and the world around him, and uses that knowledge to help people relate to and better understand the gospel.  The guy is a genius!  seriously though that guy knows how to teach!  

2. The appearance of Jesus Christ in the America's, and what He did there is of vast importance to helping us understand not only His character, but how we can truly follow Him.  

3. The words of the prophets literally echo the voice of Christ.  They represent His counsel, and a person will know the voice of the Savior by reading the words of His chosen prophets.  

4. Book of Mormon prophets are like the ultimate example, excluding the savior himself, of master teachers.  sweet mercy it's insane.

Alright, so that's it for my nerdy gospel portion of the email. 

I want to bear testimony of the divine reality of a Father in Heaven, and His Son, Jesus Christ.  The Savior lives, today.  He is near to each of us, and desires us to feel near to Him.  The question is often asked, "If God knows exactly where we will end up, why does it matter what I do today?"  "He already knows, and there's nothing I can do about it."

In my study, I have come to understand that while yes, God does know exactly where we will end up, it is not in His character to let that knowledge undermine His Divine and Eternal Faith that He has IN us.  Our Heavenly Father truly believes that every single person on this earth will make it back to live with Him again.  That those who dwell in sin WILL repent, that those who are lost WILL turn to Him, and that those who are hurting WILL let His Son heal them.  He has full and perfect faith that those of us who are on the right path, will STAY on that path, and if we are to stumble, that we will quickly repent and continue on our journey.  

It has been my experience that His complete and total faith in us, to make correct decisions, is a small portion of His undying love for us.  He did not send you and me on this earth to fail.  He truly believes that WE WILL MAKE IT BACK.  Every single one.  No one is too far from the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Excluding those rare sons of perdition, each one who has fallen, can repent and return to the marvelous and empowering light of His restored gospel.  The Atonement leaves no tracks, no scar, no trace of sin or mistakes.  Jesus Christ's infinite Atonement is exactly what it says it is.  

I have felt in my life that healing power.  At a time when I struggled to chose between the light I knew, and the habits I had grown to love, I felt torn between the two.  I was so scared...that if I chose the light, I would never be able to cope, or feel what I thought was happiness.  As I sat in a meeting one day, it seemed as if the darkness over my mind was lifted.  My eyes were opened, and I beheld the beauty and joy that came from God.  The shackles which held me bound disappeared, and a literal mental, physical and spiritual weight was lifted from my shoulders and mind.  My heart seemed to leap out of my chest and I felt within me an awakening described in the fifth chapter of Alma, verse 7.  

 7 Behold, he changed their hearts; 
yea, he awakened them out of a deep sleep, 
and they awoke unto God. 

Behold, they were in the midst of darkness; 

nevertheless, their souls were illuminated 
by the light of the everlasting word;

That light filled my soul, and right there, in that moment I knew I never had to go back to that way of life again.  I did not know then what had happened, but I know now.  Jesus Christ, His Atoning Sacrifice, took that burden from me.  I was free, never again to be tied down by the chains of the adversary.  

This soul awakening and heart changing experience can happen to each of us.  Each day we can chose to allow God to lead us where He wills us to go, trusting He will guide us into brighter and better days.  

I testify that Jesus Christ lives.  I know He lives.  He is alive today, and He is with each of us.  His Atonement is complete, it is perfect, and it will heal every ache, every burden, every consequence of sin.  Brothers and Sisters, the Savior loves you.  Can you feel that?  He loves you.  He begs you to let Him take your burdens.  

"Come unto me, all ye that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  
For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

I urge each of you to let the Savior take the burdens you carry today.  Elder Ballard taught at our mission conference last month, "The Lord will micromanage your life if you let Him."
He cares about every single detail.  He will take every single burden.  He already has.  Let Him.  Trust Him.  Believe Him. 
I testify these things to be true, I know them, both from personal experience and by the power of the Holy Ghost.  He lives.  In the name of Jesus Christ, our Master, amen.

Elder Cale Bybee

"The best is yet to come."


Got a random person to take a picture of us.  She didn't become a new investigator, but she dang well should have.

Lol Elder Herbert ripped his pants, so he stole Elder Deweese's sweater and wrapped it around his waist.  Gotta love the guy.

On those hard days...sometimes all you need is a Twinkie.

After much prayer and deliberation, I have selected my candidate for the Presidency of the United States of America.  

Without further ado;)

lol not really, but hey that'd be funny;)