Monday, October 17, 2016

Another week goes on

Nothing too exciting has happened this week!  Saw some cool miracles, found some sweet people to teach!  Life's pretty good right now:)

Jordyn and Tracey are preparing for baptism in a couple weeks!  They're awesome and we love them:)

We had a cool experience while on exchanges this week!  Elder Holt was here from Brampton, and we had gotten a referral from about a girl who apparently had a lot of questions.  Only problem was there wasn't a house number.  We literally had 5 minutes before we had to drive back to Brampton, so we decided we'd knock a couple doors and pray we would find here.  3rd and final door we knocked on, low and behold, there she was!  It was crazy because we literally parked right at her house!  Definitely a testimony builder that god knows exactly where His people are who are prepared to hear His message. 

I wish I had more to report haha....

We hung up Christmas lights in the Batcave, cuz Christmas is here;) 

Love Elder Herbert to death.  Man that guy is funny. 

The ysa love us here...we've had like 4 dinner appointments this week...which is monumental, lemme tell ya. 

It's getting cold, and I'm not down, but secretly I am cuz that means it's Christmas, and I love Christmas. 

Lol sorry this week's email was a little pointless.  I love you all!:) 


Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"

THEE Hamilton Zone:)  

me after an 8 hour meeting...
just chilling with the comp

sometimes elder Herbert gets a little childish.  love it.

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