Monday, October 31, 2016

Another week in the Hammer

This week has been great!!  I love my companion and it's been a busy busy week.  It amazes me what I've been able to accomplish as I've allowed the Lord to mold and use me in the way He desires.  We accomplish so much in a week and always look back Sunday night and wonder how we did everything that we did.  Haha but we know why:)  #praisejesus

This week I had the hardest day in my mission.  One of our investigators who is getting baptized this weekend unloaded about half an hour's worth of Anti-concerns and questions she had found from reading a bunch of crap on the internet.  It was literally heart-breaking to watch someone who days before had such a light and glow about her countenance to now have hurt and anger and pain at the doubts which had now been placed into her mind concerning Joseph Smith and the reality of the Book of Mormon.  I think, deep down, when people experience anti, the first reaction isn't sadness, or even anger, but deep's pain and heartache...this message is so happy, and I think for people who are seriously investigating, they want this message to be true with ALL their hearts....and so to have things like this come hurts for them!  To FINALLY find something to believe in, that feels SO good and rings so true, only to have that fragmented and sometimes shattered by bitter and misguided people, from those of other faiths to former Bishops and Stake Presidents.  It's heart-wrenching to watch that happen in the faces of investigators. 

Thankfully, we had the Spirit and were able to help her REMEMBER how she's felt this whole time, and she's back on track now.  But it was sincerely and honestly the hardest day of my mission.  My heart see that amount of pain and heartache, especially, someone who needed this gospel to be true as much as she did...

We got in the car, didn't say a word.  Got home, and prayed.  I asked for a blessing from Elder Myers, who proceeded to, with restored Priesthood authority, pronounce a blessing on me that brought such a comfort to my soul, one that could only have come from God.  Elder Myers didn't know what had happened, I just asked him for a blessing.  But the promises he made through the Holy Ghost and by the authority of the Priesthood helped me to be okay and heal from that experience. 

I can't imagine...what our Heavenly Father must watch His Sons and Daughters go through such experiences, all over the world.  I testify with everything I have, that our Heavenly Father loves and cherishes us.  He aches for us when we struggle, and weeps when we weep.  I know that Heavenly Father knows perfectly how I feel.  and I am so grateful for a Savior and Redeemer whose heart has broken for me..I love Him, and know that He lives today.  He is near to each of us, and will heal our hearts. 

I love these people...I love them so much...I'm grateful to Heavenly Father for this opportunity to see His children as He see's them.  All are of worth in the eyes of the Father. 

I love you all:) 

Elder Bybee

"He Lives"

exchanges with Elder Tam:)

early morning basketball with the crew:)

gift basket of hope to our investigator who was struggling.

yes...that is a coconut.  she loved it.

First Album Drop: October 31, 2016

Featuring Elder Myers on beats and Elder Bybee on vocals and guitar. 

(You will need to access this on his blog. Please click on the top header link in your email. The 3 songs are to the side of the blog under a playlist titled "Music by Elder Bybee and Elder Meyers". You will not be able to access them via this email.)

Enjoy ;)

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