Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Canadian Thanksgiving eh? ;)

Well this week has been great!  Had some exchanges, taught some sweet lessons, found some solid new people to teach, it's been great! 

On a sad note....I have discovered this weekend that a missionary I have been living with for almost 12 weeks now....is a Philadelphia Eagles fan....brothers and sisters, it is hard to describe the level of sadness and anger I had in that very moment...it was quite a traumatic experience for me...please pray for him to repent.  I have done so each day since discovering this sinful behavior. 

It does help to learn however, that the Cowboys won, while the Eagles lost this week;)  Also helps that the Cowboys are top of their division;) 

But...it's time to put the football away for now;) 

This being the day after Canadian Thanksgiving, it's appropriate to share what I'm thankful for:)
Without further adieu, and in no particular order;

scripture study
new people to teach
Jesus Christ
(wait, this all qualifies as food)
sweaters on a cold day
when the Cowboys win
when the Dodgers make it to the playoffs
Jesus Christ
days of bus contacting
living with 3 other missionaries
the Atonement
eternal families
warm socks
the sacrament
nice ties
emails from home
when members feed us pizza and ask what we want on it before they get it
solid recent converts who love the gospel
best friends
mission friends
Jesus Christ (THEE BFF)

I really don't have too much to say really!  We're doing a turkey bowl today, should be fun:)

Sometimes I think missionaries don't have enough fun on the mission. They kind of turn into the mission in a way??  They become the mission, and lose their personality in the process.  Missionary work is supposed to be fun!  What's more fun than teaching people about Jesus?!  Or talking to crazy people in downtown!  The mission has been so fun, and I've never been happier!  It's supposed to be fun!  In fact, it's the most fun when you're being obedient and doing what the lord wants!  True doctrine right there folks. 

Love you all!!!:) 

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
lookie lookie, what do we have here;)

the church is true, amen


special herbs, for Elder Herbert
(We got a letter from a member in Canada yesterday. I am putting it here along with the photos she sent.)
Hello Bybee Family,
We just had your son for dinner again and I thought I would send you a couple of pictures. I have been having him for dinner once a week even though he is not in our ward. He serves in the YSA in our building and I know they don't get fed much. We just love him so much. My little guy, Andrew, and him have really bonded. Tonight they exchanged ties. It was so cute. I have a son who is currently in the Mexico City MTC heading off to Uruguay in two weeks. It has been a tough time for me and feeding your son had made me feel better. You should be proud of him. He is a great missionary. My dad is the stake president and meets with the zone leaders on a monthly basis. He has always spoken very highly of your son. He works hard, keeps the rules and is a joy to have in our home. I just thought the pictures might brighten your day! We are taking care of your son! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 

Tha Hobbs family
(Sister Melissa Hobbs)
PS this is not his regular companion he was on exchanges with Elder Oldham. It was a fun dinner!!!


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