Monday, October 24, 2016

What a week!

Well, where to even start?  It's been nuts this week!  The zone leaders were issued a challenge by the AP's to participate in a Zone leader Olympics, so we've been doing all sorts of crazy stuff this week for events and whatnot, it's been super fun!  We're currently in 2nd place right now, so please pray for us to win, so we can get the praise of man and general respect of everyone in the mission.  Word ;) 

Saturday was super fun, we went out and contacted around the center of the city on the biggest intersection, so that was pretty fun.  Found some sweet people to teach as a result, it was awesome :)  Elder myers does this crazy thing where he can beat box using snapping, clapping and hitting his chest, and it sounds super legit.  So that was pretty cool :) 

Jordyn's baptism is coming up, she's doing great :)  Found some awesome people to teach, overall life's going great :) 

I just want to bear testimony of the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ.  There are a couple new videos out on the website, featuring 5 apostles and 2 general authorities of the church.  There is 1 that speaks especially to the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ, entitled
"The Savior Understands Me" by Elder Holland.  If you haven't watched this video, go do it!!!!  It's supahotfire.  You can find it on youtube. 

I feel like I bear testimony of the Savior quite often, and sometimes feel as if maybe I should write on something else.  But without fail, each time the Holy Ghost just draws me back to this eternal truth: 

The Savior Jesus Christ lives. 

He truly understands me, on a deeply personal and individual level.  His love is complete and all-encompassing.  Many times we can feel tempted to diminish our worth, due to a number of things.  To name a few: sins and mistakes, mental illness, weaknesses or perceived failing, and or low self worth or image. 
Many times we begin to wonder if we were really worth saving.  Something to remember is that Salvation is a personal, intense and individual experience.  We all, at some point in our lives, have need to turn and face the Master.  Isn't it interesting, that the minute we sin, that we tend or sometimes begin to desire to run from the only person who can make it right?  Why do we run from the Savior, when He is the only being who can make restitution for our mistakes? 

The Lord Jesus Christ, our Master, deeply understands us.  He understands us not as an idea or concept, but as a person understands a person.  As one individual understands another.  He does not sympathize, He empathizes, because He has been there.  I testify that He understands me, and because of that, I do not have to carry a cross to Calvary, and bleed in a garden for my sins, or for the sins of others.  I don't have to do that.  What a testimony of the love of our Father in Heaven, that He would allow a Perfect Son, without sin or blemish, to pay the price for sinful and mortal children of His.  I love Him, and know that He lives today.  All things testify to this eternal and absolute truth.  He lives. 

I love you all:)   

Elder Bybee

"The best is yet to come"
From a far
The Crew
 Preferred contacting method of Saturday night ;)  Found 2 new people to teach doing it.  Enjoy ;)

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