Monday, November 21, 2016

"For God so loved the 6"

I'd like to direct your attention this week to one of my favorite scriptures.
Turn with me to The Gospel According to Bybee Chapter 2 verse 3

3 For God so loved the "6",
   that He sent the Dream Team(Elders Bybee and Beddes),
   that whosoever should 
   meet with them, 
   would learn about Jesus,
   and be baptized. 

Thank you for joining us this week in The Gospel According to Elder Bybee.
Tune in next week for more.

Hahaha so that pretty much describes our week lol.  I've never been more busy in my entire life, like holy cow.  We had 30 minutes to contact and tract this week...and appointment every other moment of the week.  It's crazy!!!  I've never taught so much in my entire life, it's insane.  Like holy cow I thought tracting and contacting was tiring...teaching literally just gets you so tired so quick.  You're in the lesson and things are going so well, and the spirit's so strong and your bearing testimony like every 5 seconds and you get out of the lesson and your so pumped and 5 minutes later your dead tired. But your already at the next appointment, so you pray, and somehow get more energy, and do the same thing all over again...ALL DAY LONG.  We've been cutting dinner and lunch short cuz we just have no time, it's been crazy...I'm so tired.  And I love it:)  

Highlight of the week came in meeting the most chill guys I've ever met...

Ebenezer is a black guy from Quatar, whose best friend left to serve a mission and now goes to school at BYU.  He loves basketball, and is SO chill.  His friend Daniel invited us over for a gospel discussion.  So we walk into this house, and see 8 college guys chillin on the couch playing 2K...we're thinking to ourselves, "Great...they're gonna throw down and bash on us for the next hour."  
PSYCH.  We sit down, and they start asking us all about our missions and what it's like to be a missionary, and why we do what we do, and what's it like when people accept our message, how do we feel when they reject it, just everything!  It was so sick.  They invited us to a group event with their organization at Queens University, and introduced us as their "Sick mormon friends from Utah."  Everyone was so chill, and asking us a ton of questions about our church and how it's different from every other church and what not.  Hahaha if we had wanted to, we could've counted em' as like 45 new investigators.  But we didn't haha:)  We're playing basketball and having a lesson with Ebenezer(Ebe) tonight.  

Man, what can I say?  The church is true, Elder Beddes is sick, and life's good as a missionary:)  

I love you all!

Elder Bybee

-making the most of every day-

"He Lives"
we're some classic men 🎵
you can be me, when you look this clean🎵🎵

 Banana's anyone? 

Me and the guitar

Squad Goals! Shout out to the lil' bros...for being the classiest men in town. 

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