Monday, November 14, 2016

Life as a King

Well well, what can I say??  We're living the life in Kingston:)  First off, Elder Beddes is SUPER legit, and flippin hilarious hahaha:)  We get along super well, maybe too well sometimes haha.  But no, it's been crazy!!!  The Lord has clearly made manifest unto us that His hand is here in this work.  

I'd like to start off with a couple fun facts about Kingston:)
  • Brigham Young spent 30 days in Kingston....and baptized 42 people...word
  • President Monson took missionaries out of Kingston for a couple months after a year of hardly any baptisms.  Then he started a rumor that there was a new city opening up where Brigham Young baptized 42 people in 30 days.  Suddenly, all the missionaries want to go there.  A couple months go by, he picked some missionaries, sent them to Kingston, and they baptized a ton of people.  
With that in mind, listen up to our week:)

Day 1: Tuesday
        Whitewash into the area, get there around 4 pm, no idea what's going on.  Go to see a member, and they bring 2 new people for us to teach.  Thank you Lord.  

Day 2: Wednesday
        Meet with a relatively new investigator, and set him with a date for November 25, cuz he's so legit and knows everything's true...Thank you Lord.
Days 1-7:
          Dinner appointments every night...Thank you Lord.
Day 6: Saturday
        Go over to do some service for an excommunicated member of the church, who wants to be re-baptized and wants us to teach her all the new lessons...Thank you Lord
Day 7: Sunday
        Random Former Investigator shows up to church, and now we're seeing him on Thursday.  Members want us over for dinner every night, and on top of that....there's a YSA group who meets here (prayers are answered brothers and sisters).  Then, while walking around tracting, we run into a former investigator who has decided he wants to take the lessons again.  Thank you Lord.

Hahaha needless to say, this week's been nuts....and it's so crazy though!! Like we had nothing to do with it...I've gained such a strong testimony lately that "The Lord is able to do His own work."

He SO completely does not need us...He can lead people to the church if He wants.  Examples of that have been apparent this week.  But it's so humbling to feel the trust Heavenly Father has in you to teach these people, and that He trusts you enough to lead them to you, or you to them.  We had nothing to do with all the good that's been happening lately.  We owe it all to Heavenly Father.  He's the one who makes everything possible.  Christ lives.  This is His church.  He walks with each one of us on our path to discipleship.  I bear witness that each of us has the capacity and opportunity to be a part of the Lord's work.  "His purposes cannot be frustrated".  The work will go forward, regardless of us.  We have the humbling and exciting opportunity to be a part of it, and serve shoulder to shoulder with the Lord to bring about "the immortality and eternal life of man".  

I love you all :)

Elder Bybee

"He Lives"
Your favorite Farmington boys, looking fresh.  

The view from a members house (totes gonna live there)

The last one is a picture of the Prete's, who grew up next to my Grandpa Sander Bybee and my dad!!!  AND they even know my mom's side of the family, The Cornia's!! Small world:)

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