Monday, November 7, 2016

Miracles have not ceased

I don't even know where to start guys....

This week...has been a spiritual and emotional holy smokes... start.  Our lesson on Tuesday with Jordyn...went the exact same as last time...she's super upset cuz of silly anti stuff she's been reading....we sit there and bear testimony for like an hour...she cries and says she doesn't know what to do...
So...we decided we were just going to let her be...our hearts are just crushed at this point...but that's what the spirit's saying. 
and recent convert Sarah calls us and says she's leaving the church....RIGHT while Tracey is having her baptismal our hearts are just broken at this point, we're laying on the chapel floor.... comes out, we wipe our tears away and smile and be super happy for her that she passed.  Minute she leaves, back to super sad and struggling...not a good day, lemme tell ya. 

Wednesday-MLC....super spiritual, got lots of revelation for Jordyn and what she needs, it's awesome. 

Thursday-Prepping Zone Council, putting together a FIRE meeting, super stoked. 

Friday-Fire Zone Council drops, Spirit testifies, everyone's crying, Hamilton zone is translated.  word

Saturday-Weekly planning, prepping for Tracey's baptism, and some appointments.

SUNDAY.....- we're over teaching our returning member.....when JORYDN CALLS us....we haven't talked to her all week....replay conversation
Jordyn: Hey guys, I have a question?
Us: (feeling really nervous) Sure, what's up??
Jordyn: Can I still get baptized today???:)
Us: (mouths hanging open)........ ummmmmm, what happened to you?
Jordyn: Well, I've been watching conference talks and researching and reading the Book of Mormon and praying, and I just have realized that nothing in this world has brought me more happiness and joy than the gospel, I know it's true, I've always known it's true, and I'm so sorry for what I said earlier this week...if I can't be baptized this week, I understand, and we can shoot for next week.
Us: (Elder Herbert's now fainted on the floor and I can't stop crying, gosh dang the stupid Spirit)...........................(now trying to speak words and my mouth is not moving......)

..........Can we call you back?
Jordyn: Sure!:)

Now we're calling President, and he answers and is like, "Well Elders, it sounds like she needs to be baptized today.  Get her interviewed and get her in the water!"

Jordyn had a baptismal interview during Sunday School, and was baptized Sunday night with Tracey. 

Brothers and Sisters, this Church is true.  The Spirit has witnessed it to my heart over and over again, and there's nothing that has ever brought me more happiness than sharing it with these people.  I love this Church.  I love these people, but most importantly....I love the Savior Jesus Christ, and the change He works in the hearts of those who need it most. 

The Lord states "I am able to do mine own work, and I will hasten my work in it's time."

He can do His own work, but He allows us to be a part of it.  I know without a doubt that the events that have transpired this week were only made possible in and through Jesus Christ.  It's His presence and love that softens hearts, and brings that mighty change.  He lives, and has worked a miracle in the life of people here that I love. 

With that being said, I'm being transferred!!!  Sunday was like the happiest and saddest day of my mission....I'm headed East to Kingston, whitewashing into the area and training a new Zone Leader from my hometown, Elder Beddes!!!!  He's a stud, and I'm stoked.  I've never whitewashed before, so we'll see.  I'm excited though, we're gonna get it done.  
(Cale said that white washing is when they take 2 missionaries out of an area and replace them with 2 new ones. He and Elder Beddes are both excited to be able to be companions with each other.)

I love you all:):) 
Elder Bybee

"He Lives"
true happiness

and thus ends my time in hamilton

MC Myers and Crew Photoshoot
photo cred to Elder Herbert


(I have no idea if they did the coloring in the above photos on purpose but that White Balance is KILLING ME as a photographer.....sooooo just in case it wasn't on purpose, I just HAD to fix it. You choose which one you like best! Valerie a.k.a. Mom)

that log doe

MC Myers and Crew Photoshoot road trip
on our way to the next gig (aka lesson)

MC Myers and Crew Lip Sync
the Christmas spirit is here
(You must go to the blog to see the video, it will not upload in your email. Video will only show on computer BUT it IS worth viewing!!!! You won't regret watching on a non mobile device.)



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