Monday, November 28, 2016

The thrifty man

Thank you for tuning into this week's Gospel According to Elder Bybee.
This week's thought comes from Chapter 4, verse 23

For whoso is fashionable, and thrifty,
unto the obtaining of goodly pearls of great price,
for little cash,
will be blessed with more cash.
For he that pays little, 
has much.
And he that pays much,
has little.

I bear witness from personal experience that this is true. that is a useful talent I DO NOT have...but I am working on it hahaha.  

Bryn got baptized this week!!!  It was a great experience.  He was so happy, and just filled with the spirit, and his mom came, and it was just a good experience:)  He's thinking about a mission, so that's pretty cool!  I also heard that an investigator from Hamilton I was teaching for a while decided to get baptized!  Super pumped for that as well!:)  

This week's been super busy!  No time to tract, but I'm not complaining:)  This week we should have a bit more time to contact and things, so I'm grateful for that.  Overall things are good!  Loving it here
in Kingston:)   

What can I say?  Life's good:)  Love you all!  

Elder Bybee

"He Lives"

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