Monday, December 12, 2016

Sufferin' Shame fo' the Name: The 12 tribes

Hahaha have I got a story for you!!

This week's been super sick!! Went out and found a lot of new people to teach!! Better yet, we had MLC, which was SUPER SICK!!!  Brother Gonzalez and Brother Littlefield from Salt Lake City came out to teach us a lot about planning and goals!  It was crazy spiritual meeting, with a lot of revelation received on how I as an individual can improve:)  Good stuff.

We had an awesome lesson with Ebe this week, just got down to brass tacks and got to understand where he's coming from.  We took him to lunch.  Needless to say, it was pretty productive, cuz he came to church on Sunday and LOVED IT!  We're super stoked for him:)  

Now, to a funny story this week:)

Tuesday we ran into this super down to earth guy who invited us over for a gospel study group on Friday.  We show up, everyone is super nice..apparently though, Friday is their sabbath day...kinda weird.  And on top of that, they start with a ton of singing and dancing.  Halfway through this interesting show, we kind of realize that this is what they would consider to be church.  Later on we find out they're a group of the religion "12 Tribes". We let the guy who invited us know that we had to leave early cuz we had another lesson.

So the weirdness continues, and then this old man stands up, and starts basically throwing down on us without looking at us.  Talking about how "Christianity has it wrong and people have been brainwashed by the religious institutions, blah blah blah".  We sit, listening politely, until the time comes that we have to go.

We stand up to leave, and he starts yelling at us, just ripping into us.  Elder Beddes starts laughing, cuz it's just so funny, as I grab our coats and we start putting them on, smiling at this guy.  He gets done yelling, and is like "NO, YOU GUYS TEACH US ABOUT GOD.  PLEASE, I'LL SIT DOWN."

I'm so down by now, and so I walk up and say, "alright, I'll share something." and proceed to bear testimony of the Savior.  It was such a cool experience.  This preacher guy is all chapped, but people in the room are nodding their heads as I testify of the reality of the Savior.  We walk out the door into the cold, and this girl comes running outside, and says 
her: "Do you guys really believe that Jesus was Resurrected?"
us: "Yes, yes we do:)"
her: "Do you guys believe in repentance?"

us: "Yes, yes we do:)"

her: "I wanna learn more about your church"
us: "Well, you came to the right place.  We'll be back next week, we'll set up something."
her: "I'd really like that."

So, in the process of getting persecuted by an old 12 Tribes backwoods preacher, we find a new person to teach:)  So that was pretty cool:)

The church is true, the most important testimony you can have in this life is the reality of the Savior Jesus Christ, and His gospel.  It has been restored, His prophet lives on the earth today, and we have the Book of Mormon.  Life's good:)  REALLLLY Good:)  

I love you all!:)  Love Jesus!

Elder Bybee

"He Lives"

our main man ebe.  he's dope.
Downtown Toronto.  
Elder Beddes grinding out some metal
 just chillin like villains

 baptism pics from Bryn's baptism:)


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