Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekly Thought

Sometimes, we wish life was the way it used to be.  We fail to recognize that it never will.
Sometimes our situation changes, and we thank Heavenly Father SO MUCH that we are no longer in our former circumstances.  We fail to understand that where we are in that moment is in some part, due directly to where we just came from.  

Rather than hope to return to the past, or thank God we never have to go back, we should seek to effectively balance our past experiences, with our current reality, and see both for what they really are: Stepping stones to becoming like Christ.  Both past and present can and should exist in peace within our soul.  

This is what the Master intended for us.  We aren't to live life constantly fighting to stay in one place, or constantly working towards a single destination portrayed to be "Happiness".  Rather than fight our past, or believe our future is where true joy lies, we should seek to be at one in the present.  
Our thoughts, behavior, attitudes and ultimately, our desires, should conform to the idea that we are not who we used to be, and we are not going to be any happier in the future because our circumstances change.  

The Savior's Atonement allows us to become at peace with our past, and live in the present.  There is a difference between living, and enduring, or surviving.  Each day is a gift.  To quote a favorite movie of mine, "That is why it is called the Present."  

Much love,
Elder Bybee

"He Lives"
(Some photos sent to us from Sister Harvey!!!)

Sister Takahashi sent me a message expressing her gratitude for Elder Bybee and Elder Beddes. Below is what she said:

We would have the missionaries over as much as we could, and one of the elders was sure he would be finishing off his mission here in Kingston, the other missionary knew he was going somewhere else. Just before transfers, one day my son (9yrs) came up to me and said he didn't want to serve a mission. Ultimately it is his choice, but he's got 9 years to figure that out and I didn't want him to write off the possibility just yet!! He was under the impression that missions were 5 years and that is too long, but even when he realized it was just 2 years that was too long and too far away and he just didn't want to go and that was that. I prayed to know what to do to help him see the importance and just not make the decision in his mind that he wouldn't go not when he is 9. If he makes that decision now he won't go. But I also know what it's like to be a strong headed kid and the importance to find your own way, so I left it to Heavenly Father. The day of transfers we got a call from the missionaries, to their shock they were BOTH transferred and we got a completely new set of missionaries. Elder Bybee and Elder Beddes.

We continued to have the missionaries over, and then we had that great Christmas that we will always remember. And we had them over more, my kids got to know them a little more, and we sat in front of them at a baptism. That night Tyken came and told me that one of the Elders had fixed the collar of his suit jacket and he wanted to thank them for doing that. 🙂 then as he left the room he said, "and I was thinking, I really need to get a piggy bank for my mission money so I can start saving for my mission"


This might seem small, but I know this kid and for him this was huge! Their example of missionary work, their influence to be and do good has left an impression on my kids.

I marvel at Heavenly Father and his plan. He knows all the ways.

And I am so grateful - Sister Takahashi

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