Monday, June 19, 2017

How to be a good man

This week I learned a really important lesson I want to share with you all.
I was pondering during sacrament meeting on how I could be a good man, "both in front of, and behind closed doors"(shout out to Mormon messages). One of my biggest desires from the day I decided to change my life was to be known by my friends, family and peers as a good man. I just wanted to be a good man. I wanted to be honest, I wanted to be clean, I wanted to be integritable and honorable in all situations. I wanted to be the same person no matter WHERE I went.

I was going through some possible solutions, possible ideas for how I could better accomplish this goal for myself when the Spirit brought to my mind a lesson I'd learned a couple weeks previous. In times of stress and temptation, simply ask for the strength of Jesus Christ, made available to us through His Atonement, relying on His strength more so than our own, and we'll never fall.

As I thought about this, it brought to mind previous experiences I had with making commitments, and then down the road failing to keep them. I realized that a lot of hesitancy we have in making the commitment to be good is that we feel like it's too hard for us.

The funny thing is, of course it's too hard. Take a look at the world around us. Think about all the times you've been faced with temptation, and fallen short. It's tough!
What I didn't understand, is that for the longest time, I felt like I had to feel as if I had the strength to commit 100%, no exceptions, to be good, before I could. What I now know is that, God only asks us to be as good as we can be with Christ's help. Which, from my understanding, knowing the scripture to be true that "with God, all things are possible", means perfection.

We only need be willing to let Christ help us to be good men, or good women, in order to become so. Can I be a good man on my own? No. I have proven that to myself time and time again. I could maybe live up to the world's definition of a good man. But against both what I expect of myself and what Heavenly Father expects of me, I fall short every time, no matter how hard I try.

But when I allowed Christ to make up the difference in my dedication to my decision to just be a good man, there was an amazing difference. Though I made mistakes that day, just like every other day, I felt in my heart that I was a good man. There was a tangible change within me that took place, one that I know attributes only to the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, to someone who is questioning whether or not they are a good man, or a good woman, or a good mother or father, son, Relief Society President, Primary Teacher, whatever the position or title is, I promise you. You can feel and actually be good, today. There is an opportunity waiting just outside the door of your heart to become something more than you currently are. It's amazing! And simple.

Christ is the one who knocks at the door. He brightens any room, fills any void, strengthens any feeble knee, and lifts any weary head who lets Him. How could He not? It was He who suffered for the same thing that person is currently struggling with.

I wanted to be a good man. That transformation came in a way I did not expect, and with a timing I did not expect. Not to say that I wasn't good before, but I know that I'm better now. And almost as important, I feel good. In the way Heavenly Father wants me to be good.

So be good! Be yourself, live your life, help others, study God's word, work hard, and at the end of the day, remember by whose hand you were given all those things and opportunities. Christ takes no glory in it. He will not demand our recognition. But I can tell you of the profound sense of sadness He must feel to watch as at the end of a successful and righteous day, one of His makes the mistake of boasting in his own flesh, and thus undoes the whole days progress with one dash of pride.

I've been there. So be good:) Live good:) Love good, and recognize it comes from the only One who truly is good.

I'm grateful to God for the merciful gift of Christ's "infinite goodness".

Love you all.

Elder Bybee
"He Lives"


  1. Thank you Elder Bybee!!
    I REALLY needed to hear this today!!
    Love you!!

  2. Deborah BoissoneauJuly 17, 2017 at 4:58 PM

    What profound wisdom from such a young man. I am truly blessed to have met you and will always remember you with fondness. You have definitely been an inspiration for me to get back to the church from being inactive so long.

    Love to you and yours,

    Sister Deborah Boissoneau