Monday, July 31, 2017

2 weeks, and-- Wait, what...

Well folks...........yep. Time's about well butched. I'll wait to give my official "dying email" til the time comes, but uh, for now, here's some good things that have been happening in Toronto!

This Sunday I got to go see the baptism of Chukwudi Aguigwo, a man from Nigeria Elder Payne and I found and taught. It was so amazing to see, he has such a strong testimony of the gospel.
Hearing him bear testimony gave me another reminder of how consecrated and sacred our calling is as missionaries. We really are called to the exact mission God needs us to be for a reason, and I think a large part of that is there are people who need to hear the gospel preached from the way we understand it.

I know Christ lives,and He loves me a lot. Never give up! Even if you feel like there's no reason to keep going, just do it. On the other side of exhaustion is success and joy. So push through it:)

Love you all!

pics comin next week!

Elder Bybee
"He Lives"

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