Tuesday, July 4, 2017

'Murica: God Bless It

Happy 4th everyone!!  "Today is especially delicious".  Feel blessed to address you on this delightful anniversary of our beloved country, The U.S. of A.  Today we have some fun activities planned, aka BBQ at the Pres's house.  Should be some good southern cookin;)  Mama knows how I feel about the BBQ.  

Some updates from the 6ix.  

Our investigator from Nigeria is progressing really well!  He's so cool.  This week as we closed our lesson with him on the Restoration he stopped us, and felt that he needed to tell us that "I will believe anything you brothers teach me, because I know you are sent from God to deliver His message to me."  We were like "uhhh, can you get any more golden??"  He'll be getting baptized July 29th, so continue to pray for Chukwudi!  

Saw an awesome quote this week (shout out to mom).

Everything in your life is a reflection of 
a choice you have made.  
If you want a different result, 
make a different choice.

Sometimes I think it can be easy to assume that due to past mistakes or decisions we've made, our current situation is how our life must be.  To follow up from last week's email, everything in life is a choice.  The power to chose is one of few Godly powers Heavenly Father has chosen to allow us to possess.  Should we really be surprised to find that even the tiniest misuse of our agency can result in drastic and long-lasting consequences?  We are, after all, immortal beings, living in a mortal life, wielding immortal and God-given powers.  We are bound to make mistakes, and some of those mistakes can be more serious.  

We also know that mistakes can be fixed with a simple choice to change, and allow the Savior to heal what we can't heal ourselves.  Whether that be the stain of sin, the heartache of grief or loss, the despair of mental illness or the grips of addiction.  To be good is a choice.  To change is a choice.  To trust in the Lord is a choice.  To be patient in affliction, to be humble, to love, to repent, to live!  It is all a choice.  We may not always directly chose our circumstances, but we can chose our reaction to them.  

Some of the most peaceful and spirit-filled moments of my life have come at times of great discord, heartache and unrest in my life.  A simple choice to trust Someone who can see the end made all the difference for me.  

So chose to be good.  Chose to live:)  Chose to be free and be yourself.  Chose to repent daily.  Chose to let go of pride, and "seek the face of the Lord."  Chose to resist temptation with what strength you have, and then chose to "lean on His ample arm" for the rest.  Chose to love completely, even when others have hurt you.  Chose to forgive, and chose to be close to the Father.  

I promise as you use your agency righteously, even in the small things, there will come a power and a confidence both before God and before men.  As you chose to walk with God, you will feel to say as did Paul to the Romans, "If God be for us, who can be against us?"  

Love you all:)  Mission's are great, highly recommend:)  
Elder Bybee

"He Lives"
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